Another Gift Guide Preview 2014 x Nuji

This year was a very special one for us as we finally opened Our Current Obsessions, with the exhibition named NOIR as the debut edition. To celebrate NOIR one last time, we decided that everything turns black in our annual Another Gift Guide once more. Like last year, we’ve selected a number of our favorites from the Guide which are exclusively previewed by our friends at Nuji. In this year’s Gift Guide one will find some names which we proudly introduced in the course of NOIR and some additions, forming the definite final chapter of our obsession with the color black. For those who followed the first OCO one will find familiar names like GERTRUD & GEORGE, AcneJR, Floris Hovers, Sort of Coal, the beautiful ‘Tom Ford’ bookthe Kaweco Sport, and our favorite hand wash by Aesop. But also this year’s extraordinary discovery: ISAORA‘s one-of-a-kind nylon Mac coat,  Killspencer‘s mini indoor basketball and Globetrotter‘s 33″ black suitcase are included, amongst others. Enjoy this preview and stay tuned for the whole Gift Guide which we’ll present from today until the 25th of December in high speed.

We start the preview with the official partner of Our Current Obsessions Nº 1, GERTRUD & GEORGE and their extraordinary Overnighter bag. Followed by another incredible discovery of this year ISAORA‘s one-of-a-kind nylon Mac coat, which we have worn throughout this year. We continue with some beautiful products which were part of NOIR’s ‘World of Black’. Firstly Vitra’s Eames Bird and a long-time favorite of ours, AREAWARE‘s black Ninjabot, the latest addition to the Cubebot family designed by David Weeks. To be followed by Floris Hovers’ beautiful Hearse out of his iconic Arche Toys series, next to another highly elegant toy for kids and beyond; AcneJR’s black Kranium. We also included the Bincho by Sort of Coal, the Danish company with a particular passion for White Charcoal and its purifying qualities. Also to be found in the preview some pieces by sub-partners of NOIR: the beautiful ‘Tom Ford’ book, which is available at MENDO. Our favorite pen of all times, but now as a mechanic pencil: the Kaweco Sport through Miscellaneous. And one finds the finest hand wash ever created by our all-time favorite Aesop, available through the finest cosmetics store of Holland; Skins Cosmetics.

In the final recommendations, a staple piece for traveling in style, Globetrotter‘s 33″ black suitcase; Killspencer‘s latest addition to their thrilling leather athletics collection, the black indoor mini basketball; the Nike Free 3.0 black Flyknit trainers; and TSOVET’s black-on-black-on-black SVT-AT76 watch. And to finish the theme of NOIR in style and to keep this crazy world in the right perspective: one of the strongest projects we’ve encountered in the last years, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin’s Holy Bible.

For our full Gift Guide follow us over the course of the coming days until the 25th of December.

Find our 12 Gift Guide favorites exclusively at Nuji here.

Happy Holidays!