Curated Nº 6 — Cubebot

New York-based designer David Weeks has proven, for many years now, to be a highly creative spirit. The designer has a very high level of production, from beautiful minimalist sofas and chairs to a nicely balanced mobile lamp. But our favorite of all his work are the wooden animals and robots that he makes in collaboration with Areaware. The first animal he ever produced was a bear of almost 35 inches high, made of 17 pieces of beech wood, put together by elastic. A beautiful and clever creature, who was able to stand in all kinds of positions.  Afther the bear came a gorilla, an elephant, a rhinoceros, a crocodile, a pig, and eventually, as it is bound to happen everywhere at one point, the robot entered the scene.

In order to get used to the fact that robots will always be around us somewhere in the near or not so near future, David Weeks’ robot called the Cubebot was selected as the sixth gift for my Curated subscribers. A cube made of 15 pieces of cherry wood, which slowly turn into a robot. Inspired by the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles (which are fine wooden 3D puzzles that you will get apart after a period of time, but then never together anymore). Fortunately, this robot is smart and you do not have to puzzle for hours before it actually transforms into its familiar shape.

Enjoy the robotised 21st century!

All of our Curated subscribers have already received their Cubebot, for others it is available in a slightly different form here.