Ceasefire by Pryce Lee

At the end of this Summer, British artist Pryce Lee’s first solo show in Amsterdam opened at The Garage. The new and highly anticipated body of work named ‘Ceasefire’ sees the artist explore the meaning of ceasefire, the culturally charged term after which the show is named. Both in its appeal by politicians and in its definition, ceasefire has become an ambiguous and often murky term. With this new installation Lee thrusts the question of its meaning centre stage by invoking icons of peace and war to explore the intent and meaning of a word that has become increasingly part of political parlance while its outcomes have become less clear. When in Amsterdam make sure to see this extraordinary show!

With doves, bullets, shattered glass and brass, Pryce Lee’s Ceasefire is an intense installation of elegant chaos and as a viewer you’re caught right in the middle.

Pryce Lee lives and works between New York City, US and Birmingham, UK. His work explores the space that exists between real events, social commentary and personal experience. In working with a variety of techniques and media he focuses on both individual pieces as well as large-scale installations that examine the complicated relationships between beauty, violence, life and death.

Motion plays a key role in Lee’s work as it summons the experience that something did, or something is just about to, happen. Through raising questions in his work Pryce Lee instinctively incites the viewer to interpret and read his interventions on their own terms, and by using specific visual techniques invites them to contemplate their own position within the open narratives he offers.

Recent solo shows include ‘Single Shot’ in New York, ‘Fish in a Barrel’ in Mexico City and ‘What LIES Beneath’ in Turin. Lee has also exhibited in numerous group exhibitions internationally, including New York City, London, Miami and Mexico, continuing to carve a name for himself with his distinctive, unique work.

Photography by Rene Mesman.

Amsterdam-based gallery The Garage is opened by appointment. Their new season of shows, ‘The Salon Sessions’ presents intimate and high profile artist installations, and was launched with the opening of Pryce Lee’s ‘Ceasefire’.

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