In Dreams by Petros Koublis

The fascinating photographs of Petros Koublis are like portals into another dimension. His latest series named ‘In Dreams’ is based on the photographer’s extensive research in the writings of the Neoplatonic school and the ‘Oneirokritika’ treatise by Ancient Greek diviner Artemidorus Daldianus, inspiring him to capture divine landscapes made out of nature’s utmost beauty – whether that are sedimentary rocks, colorful flora or some of the most mythical fauna to be found on earth. Always evoking the feeling of another universe to be discovered beyond that single frame. With his images – which were all shot in Greece itself – Koublis searches to bypass the mind and trigger ones intuition in order to “release the perceiving force of our senses.”  We can’t stop gazing at these extraordinary photographs.

Photography for me is like an impulse, a spontaneous process. It has to do with what my soul can easily relate with: it’s about what attracts my emotions rather than just my attention.

To give meaning and to find answers beyond what we can see and therefore know, Koublis points at dreams, being a parallel universe in space and time without any observers but our own intuition. A world without observers is a world without definitions and therefore things are defined not by the way they appear but by the way they are. In the eyes of the photographer the dream-state is where every new idea arises from, within this vast realm of possibilities, so that everything is interpreted and experienced in a new way every time we manage to push the boundaries of our understanding a bit further.

Petros in an interview with Fotografia Magazine:

Dreams have a gentle effect: they address our sensitive side. Somehow, they speak to the innocence of our childhood, when things were defined mostly by imagination rather than logic. So maybe the dreams we had as children can question the reality we live as adults, and show us the way to a better future. In this sense, I consider In Dreams to be close to the aspirations of the Romantic movement, aiming at the restoration of our ideals through our senses.

Petros Koublis‘ relationship with photography started in 2000, after having dedicated some years in painting, he studied photography in Athens and participated in a series of seminars on the history of photography, being mostly developing my style through a constant personal exploration. Since 2004 he moved on to professionally work as a photographer. His images have been presented in exhibitions, major Art & Design platforms, publications and magazines all over the world, like the British Journal of Photography, the Royal Photographic Society Journal, European Photography, Southern Weekly, Esquire Russia, Nakedbutsafe, amongst others. His first publication ‘INLANDS‘ was published in April 2015 by Black Mountain Books

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