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A Fashion Stamp

Founding father and designer behind Soulland Silas Adler has designed a fashion stamps for the Danish postal service, Post Danmark. This is the first time in Danish history that Post Danmark is issuing fashion stamps. The stamp will be revealed and released on August 4th during Copenhagen Fashion… [ Continue reading ]


Excavations is a charming treasure cabinet that fires the imagination, made by the Dutch design studio De Intuitiefabriek (‘the intuition factory’). The cabinet is filled with a unique collection of treasures, dug up from the corners of their imagination, varying from hand tools to vessels, from brushes to… [ Continue reading ]

Martell & Pinel Pinel

The House of Martell asked Frédéric Pinel to design a creation that would enable connoisseurs and lovers of Martell cognac to rediscover the pleasures of tasting. The result is this amazing trunk by Pinel Pinel, filled with all the best cognac’s of Martell. From the legendary Cordon Bleu,… [ Continue reading ]

The Way Back

Still Stile reviewed this amazing film The Way Back. ‘…Think snowy mountains, ragged clothes, lots of Russian tattoos and never-ending forests and deserts. The film, based on the biographical novel written by Polish prisoner of war Slawomir Rawicz, tells the story of several escapees from a… [ Continue reading ]

Glass blowing

Love this video by showing the innovative glass blowing technique developed by Omer Arbel for Bocci to make the 28 chandelier. It showcases an unconventional glass craft approach which involves reversing the direction of airflow (out of the glass matrix instead of into… [ Continue reading ]

Post Gravity

“What awaits us beyond constraints of time, form and place” Last week one of todays most challenging magazines for the iPad launched its second issue. Post Gravity, an amazing publication full of moving images, beautiful sounds and inspiring articles focussing on fashion, art,… [ Continue reading ]

Still Stile

While Riekele just landed in Japan for some well deserved weeks off he managed to launch his new website hours before boarding. Still Stile, his blog dedicated to style in cinema, finally moved to a serious level and, more important, style! Enjoy some good reads and images on… [ Continue reading ]


I just found out about the amazing works of Gregory Euclide. Bizarre relief paintings and installations, including beautiful album art for Bon Iver and this new work for the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. Otherworldly: optical delusions and small realities, is a… [ Continue reading ]


The Spanish motion graphics studio Toch was commissioned by Domestika to create the MadInSpain open titles 2011.  Inspired by a quote by the roman poet Virgilio “Fortuna iuvat audaces”, Fortune favors the bold, and the theme Madness, they created this beautiful short. [ Continue reading ]


It looks like my hometown Utrecht is slowly waking up. Sure, we've had already for a long time one of the best (gentle)men's shop of the Netherlands called Cris, a few really good restaurants like my favorite Restaurant Deeg, and the best coffee at The Village Coffee & Music.
But it looks like more entrepreneurs daring to do exciting things. [ Continue reading ]


I like my things simple, balanced and elegant. That’s why I hate most ringtones around me. They are far from that and in most cases the opposite of elegant.
Last year I challenged my good friend and sound designer Hugo Verweij with this and we came up with Cleartones, a set of fifty minimalist ringtones optimized for the iPhone. These simple, clean, monophonic ringtones are designed with a sole purpose: subtle notification. [ Continue reading ]

Folk Tales

Spanish illustrator Sergio Membrillas updated his website with some really nice works. Not his latest work, but I completely fell in love with the Folk Tale postcard book about animals and singers. Anyone has a story ready to get illustrated? Because I can’t wait for his… [ Continue reading ]

Other Edition

I love magazines, but I don’t like it that they are slowly taking over my studio space. Other Edition is the answer. I can cary almost all my favorite magazines with me. It’s all in one app on my iPad. Amongst them are Frame,… [ Continue reading ]

Lenneke van der Groot

Lenneke van der Groot made these beautiful works for the temporary exhibition ‘Ondertekend’ in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The exhibition with works by 7 illustrators/artist opened last Sunday and will stay until the 20th of may (open from thursday till sunday form 12h till… [ Continue reading ]

Ricardo Cavolo

Love these colorful works by Madrid based illustrator Ricardo Cavolo. It is ‘the terror of empty paper’ as he describes it while working on his fantastic circus illustrations for Cirque du Soleil that makes it so Spanish, so sanguineous, so beautiful. Take a look at his… [ Continue reading ]


We received a super kind email from Jamie Iacoli, partner at the Seattle based design agency Iacoli & McAllister, sharing her love for Another Something & Co this morning. At the end of the mail she briefly dropped this super nice paper weight they’ve made. A simple graphic… [ Continue reading ]


Design Boom shared this beautiful work by artist Takayuki Hori. ‘Oritsunagumono’ (translated as ‘things folded and connected’) is a collection of origami works created to highlight the environmental threat of pollution to a number of species native to Japan’s coastal waterways. The folded translucent origami sheets are printed… [ Continue reading ]

Aurelia Eichhornia

Last week during the Furniture Fair in Milan, Studio Jo Meesters presented it’s new project entitled Aurelia Eichhornia. Beautiful lamps, inspired by waterplants and jelly fish, made from found fermentation bottles as a basis, knitted together using an advance automatic knitting machine combining cotton and luminous filament yarns,… [ Continue reading ]

The Matador

It’s always a pleasure to have someone with a good taste telling you which movies to watch and which to skip. Riekele from Still Stile is one of them, and as you might know we are supporting him and his nice little blog to get some… [ Continue reading ]

A Boat

We always love the work of the Swiss design company Big-Game. For the Milan Furniture Fair they released a few new projects including these nice and simple  floating boats in cork and plastic. Made for Portugese company Materia they will be launched in Milan next week at the… [ Continue reading ]

Ted Parker

I found out about Ted Parker at The Village Coffee & Music where he’s exhibiting his latest works. I simply love his absurd view on things, the strange figures with smiles like Aphex Twin, the bright color paintings vs. simple black and white illustrations. Take a look… [ Continue reading ]

The Luminant Point Arrays

An incredible project by Berlin based artist Stephan Tillmans – ‘The Luminant Point Arrays show tube televisions in the moment they are swithed off. The television picture breaks down and creates a structure of light. The pictures refuse external reference and broach the issue of the difference between… [ Continue reading ]

My Favorites

My 5 favorite iPad apps, as shared on Ajanaku > 1. Financial Times — Best news app, and by far best translation in design and usability from paper news to digital news. 2. iA Writer — Super stylish… [ Continue reading ]