I like my things simple, balanced and elegant. That’s why I hate most ringtones around me. They are far from that and in most cases the opposite of elegant.
Last year I challenged my good friend and sound designer Hugo Verweij with this and we came up with Cleartones, a set of fifty minimalist ringtones optimized for the iPhone. These simple, clean, monophonic ringtones are designed with a sole purpose: subtle notification.
Like the shoes you wear, a ringtone is part of your outfit. It says something about you. And just like shoes, you have a choice. You might choose one of the standard ringtones and sound like everyone else. Or get a custom one.
As Hugo described it very ingenious: ‘A ringtone should gently add a functional sound to the soundcape of our lives: Like a ripple in the sand of a curvy desert dune or sparks of sunlight reflecting in the water.’
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