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X-Ray Vase

In their glassblowing factory in the suburbs of Novi Bor in the Czech Republic glassmaker Lasvit created these beautiful transparent glass domes cluster inside a larger glass dome with a thin vapor-deposited mirrored coating, designed by Nendo. When flowers are placed inside, the glass and flowers… [ Continue reading ]

Las Doce

During the Design Week this week in Milan, the Andes House, a design studio based in Santiago, Chile, presented these lovely wooden household products. Las Doce is a line of tableware – dishes, plates, and mugs – all made from a single piece of wood, hand… [ Continue reading ]

Tenth Cranial Nerve

The London based set designers duo Anna Fulmine and Victoria Shahrokh, better known as Lightning & Kinglyface, created this stunning installation, the Tenth Cranial Nerve, for Nomad for a series of events, in the Old Vic tunnels. Inspired by the woodcuts of animal dissections by the Greek physician… [ Continue reading ]

Vernacular Typography

Vernacular Typography, a project by Molly Woodwarn who started this with Kickstarter, is a digital archive and community-based initiative dedicated to the documentation, preservation, and promotion of vanishing examples of lettering in the everyday environment. It seeks to explore, protect, and support the… [ Continue reading ]


Imagine receiving a gift, a very unique item with a personal note specially selected for you, every quarter. Curated, an initiative from Arjan van de Steeg and Rocco Stallvord, offers a service where you can subscribe to a so-called curator who will select one product every quarter and… [ Continue reading ]

Karte Design Fabrik

Karte Design Fabrik, a design collective based in Berlin, Germany, by Garreth and Liz, are bringing some lovely modern stationary. They’ve just released 6 new collections with geometric shapes and muted colours including hand-illustrated Valentines Day cards and a range of Scandinavian and New York inspired… [ Continue reading ]


Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland just shared this lovely project with us. ‘Re-turned’ is a family of birds made out of old furniture. Perhaps they were once the part of a loving household as a supportive table-leg or an armrest, now they’ve come back to life as a… [ Continue reading ]


Amsterdam based designer Joren Naerebout created this beautiful minimalistic light, the ‘Luminaire’. A balancing construction between the floor and the wall, made out of blued steel and finished with a ecological linseed oil it brings a very subtile but clear atmosphere in a gentle and serene way. The… [ Continue reading ]

Jaar & Woodfin

I always like to combine things from different worlds. It creates some kind of strange energy, weird connections and unique insights, just as John Jay said about the ‘unusual cultures where you don’t belong’… Here’s one of these things that don’t belong together, but I’d love to see them together!… [ Continue reading ]


Good news! After a super successful launch of the first edition of Cleartones, Hugo made a set of 50 Cleartones Notifications to get rid of the standard and annoying notification sounds on your phone. Since iOS 5 came out iPhone users now finally can set custom tones for… [ Continue reading ]


Minimalux, a London based design brand, got some lovely items in their collection. Modern collections of desk objects, table objects and accessories all with great simplicity and splendor, made out of premium materials and lustrous finishing. Our favorite is definitely this ballpoint pen made from a… [ Continue reading ]

Road Inc.

Where Cyclepedia was the must-have app for bike lovers, Road Inc. is it for car-lovers. It’s is a museum like experience with fully interactive Anthology of Cars. ‘Richer than the heaviest book, deeper than a video collection, more immersive than a game, Road Inc. offers users a… [ Continue reading ]


One of my favorite photographers Pablo Delfos collaborated with Niek Pulles and made this amazing video for the first solo album of Pete Philly, called ‘One’. No more words, just watch!… [ Continue reading ]

White Blocks

I think we wrote about it before, but couldn’t find it, and I guess it’s worth writing about it more than once! White Blocks is a set of stone-sized balancing blocks to build structures focusing on height, speed or style. The ten salvaged hardwood game pieces finished in… [ Continue reading ]

Anouk Griffioen

We're a huge fan of the work of Rotterdam based artist Anouk Griffioen. After her collaboration with Annemarieke van Drimmelen where photography and illustration came together in beautiful collages and oversized prints she continued that that theme and created a series of new works. We very much love the oversized pieces of paper and canvas with thick black lines, smudges and spaces, abstract and layered drawings. [ Continue reading ]

Modern Anthology

Last week Style Ledger came up with two really nice video features. The last one was a look at American manufacturing, with a focus on the Martin Greenfield factory in Brooklyn. The first one is this feature on one of the top new stores in the… [ Continue reading ]


We saw similar building blocks before, but still love it! This set of 10 blocks is a complete sculptural tool kit made from timber reclaimed in Victoria Australia by TreeHorn Design. It’s a small timber workshop making really nice things such as wooden jewelry, fruit bowls… [ Continue reading ]

The Speedometer

The Dutch web designer Christian Annyas has put together the different designs of Chevrolet’s speedometers over the past 100 years in a very plain and graphical way. ‘Speedometers are those kind of items you look at thousands of times during your life, without ever really noticing. You notice the speed, not… [ Continue reading ]

Collection of light

‘Collection of light‘ by ‘Human since 1982‘ is simply a collection of LEDs which together constitute a lamp in itself. The aim is to create an aura of a real collection (similar to a collection of insects) and expose each illuminant as a worthy industrial product. [ Continue reading ]

The Boros residence

The German Freunde von Freunden (friends of friends) visited  the Boros residence – a former Second World War air raid shelter built in 1942 in central Berlin. An amazing place where Christian and his wife, Karen, live with their son between a dazzling collection of art and installations… [ Continue reading ]

The Arctic Princess

We wrote about them before, and now they are finally for sale. The fantastic giant wooden boats by Papa Foxtrot. This is our favorite: The Arctic Princess. With nearly 150,000 cubic meters of liquified natural gas, the Princess carries enough energy to power 45,000 homes for… [ Continue reading ]

Rhino by Karl Zahn

We simply love these animal boxes by Karl Zahn. This Rhino, made with sustainably harvested new growth beech wood, is one of our favorite. On the shelf, it is sculpture. On the side table, it’s a totem. On the counter, it offers a hiding spot. They are all… [ Continue reading ]

People for Pelicans

Our friends at Arcademi teamed up with New York based illustrator Katrin Wiens to create AFFAIR No.III with nakedheel. A beautiful limited edition of 35 silk scarfs to commemorate the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. ‘People for Pelicans’ wants to help the struggling water… [ Continue reading ]