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Red Wing Shoes Factory Visit

About a year ago I traveled all the way to Minnesota to visit the Red Wing Shoe factory and tannery for the Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Store. Hypebeast featured the video we did, at the Red Wing Amsterdam site we featured the… [ Continue reading ]

Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

We proudly present you: The official Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam online store. The Red Wing webshop offers the single most complete Red Wing shoe collection ever offered online plus a lovely curated selection of accessories, books, workwear-inspired clothing and… [ Continue reading ]

Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

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It’s official: Tenue de Nîmes and Red Wing Shoes will open the first Red Wing Shoe store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands this July. We’re still very busy building up the store, but we can say that the collection of the store will consist of a wide… [ Continue reading ]

The Red Wing Oro Legacy

Red Wing Heritage just re-introduced their iconic 875 and 877 boots in Oro Legacy leather. This brings the boots back to the original style of the models when they were introduced in 1952 and 1953. Supple  and classic, Oro Legacy is full-grain (naked) leather, which is tanned using traditional methods at Red Wing’s own S.B. Foot Tanning tannery. There is no pigment used during the finishing process, which means the natural beauty and colour of the leather is emphasised, making every pair unique. The boots were originally designed to be a part of the Red Wing Irish Setter collection and the colour was, fittingly, a direct reference to a 1950‘s era employee’s dog. [ Continue reading ]

Shoes store

I am very proud to announce the opening of the first Red Wing Shoes store in the Netherlands. Together with denim boutique Tenue de Nîmes Red Wing Shoes set up shop in the distinctive Reestraat, carrying a substantial assortment of Red Wing shoes as well as various accessories.

It was such a great joy to be part of the design team and to source all the little details, like the old US 48 stars flag dating back to WWII, the original miners canary cage, a collection of vintage boot hooks and all the other tools we found along the way.
Enjoy some more pictures after the click, or the big selection at Flickr. [ Continue reading ]

The shoes, the store

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Tomorrow we will celebrate the opening of the first Red Wing Shoes store in the Netherlands.  I just couldn’t keep this images for myself and wanted to share it as a little warming up for the interior pictures which will follow tomorrow or this friday…… [ Continue reading ]

Rapha Cycle Club Amsterdam

While putting the last hand on the design of the Mobile Cycle Club Europe we are doing for Rapha, they opened a new chapter of their famous Cycle Clubs, this time in our hometown Amsterdam. In the beautiful historical center of Amsterdam, on the 9 streets and around the corner of our new gallery/studio space of Our Current Obsessions (soon more on that...), Tenue de Nîmes and the Red Wing Shoes Store the Rapha Cycle Club Amsterdam welcomes road cyclists from every continent. Tales of glory, pain or suffering transcends their memory in this historical neighborhood.  Although a little challenging when tourist are flocking around, this will be the perfect place to start a ride, escaping the city for the windy northern water lands, making your round on the ‘Ronde Hoep’, or a longer ride towards Utrecht and the Amerongse Berg (Mountain of Amerongen with its 69,2 meter high, yes we have that). [ Continue reading ]

RWSA x Barrett Alley

Some lovely news from our Red Wing Shoes store in Amsterdam: They teamed up with Barrett Alley from Texas, USA and co-created a limited series of bracelets made from vintage Japanese hemp cloth. The original piece of fabric dates back to the early 1900s and… [ Continue reading ]


It is always inspiring to visit the fairs, last week Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, and this week Bread & Butter in Berlin. This year we focussed on Red Wing Shoes and as a proud partner behind the Red Wing Shoes store Amsterdam it’s good to… [ Continue reading ]

The Brogue Ranger

This fall Red Wing Shoes will launch a new shoe where the ultimate work boot will meet British heritage. The shoe was originally designed as a country walking shoe for the people around Red Wing, Minnesota. Farmers and gamekeepers who needed a boot that could withstand constant exposure to water and… [ Continue reading ]

Mondays Must Haves x Miscellaneous

Together with Tenue de Nîmes, Miscellaneous and Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam we’ll share, as a part of Another Gift Guide, this ‘Mondays Must Haves x Miscellaneous’ for the coming 5 mondays. In this first collections of gifts the Classic Workman… [ Continue reading ]

Project Smallholder – Take 1

My good friend and former classmate Ravi started a few years ago, growing organic vegetables on his own acre in the centre of the Netherlands selling the harvest on the market in Utrecht. He always complained about the quality of todays work boots so we decided to support him with… [ Continue reading ]

The 8144

I finally found my favorite pair of Red Wing Shoes: The 8144. The style provides the durability of a work boot with the clean toe profile of a classic oxford. Forget the slate blue Clarks I mentioned last week, this is the real spring shoe. Slate Blue Abilene… [ Continue reading ]

From the Heartland

Red Wing Shoes released a video preview today on their photo-exhibition ‘From the Heartland’ by Tim Adler and Wytse Hylkema. A beautiful photographic documentary featuring Red Wing Shoe Company’s craftsmen and women. `From the Heartland’ will be exhibited during Berlin Bread & Butter and Copenhagen… [ Continue reading ]

Union Treasures

For the last International Blend Magazine we’ve put together the Treasures we found when visiting the Red Wing Shoes factory back in June: 1. Red Wing Shoes – Mister Red Wing Shoes repairing himself. 2. Denim & Boots – The prefect combination. 3. Cars… [ Continue reading ]


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I love people sending me stuff they love. Fred is one of them. Sometimes theres a mail in my inbox with just some pictures, no words, just pictures… They’re from Fred Bschaden, German agent for Red Wing Shoes (a.o.). This time with some proper… [ Continue reading ]


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Like Menno mentioned I’ve become a little addicted to vintage (in general) after working on the Red Wing Shoes store in Amsterdam. Jared and Sam, the duo behind Topsy, a blog/shop/site that launched a few months back packed with beautiful… [ Continue reading ]

Horween Leather Co.

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A really interesting post by Horween Leather Co. about the basic techniques to finish the leather. I remembered my days at Red Wing Shoes were we learned about the techniques of air drying, seeing all the hides moving slowly, hanging down on hooks, waiting… [ Continue reading ]


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We very much like these powder coated steel cabinets by JSPR, designed by Sylvie Meuffels. The handmade cabinets are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and offers a unique spot to storage and showcase of your dearest treasures. It wont really… [ Continue reading ]

Tanner Goods

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We very much love these Eyeglass Cases by Tanner Goods. Based off a mid-60’s US Military standard issue case but updated with a few key details and soon available in Amsterdam at the Red Wing Shoes store… Stay tuned. [ Continue reading ]

Treasures Nº 10

The second issue of Blend Magazine just hit the stores with our new Treasures in it. Again a fine selection of our favorites of the past months: The White Oak Cone denim by Tellason x Tenue de Nîmes, Le Labo Vintage Candles,… [ Continue reading ]