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Again, as always, season after season, year after year, some fantastic imagery for the Spring/Summer collection of Libertine-Libertine. We saw the collection at Pitti and Capsule last weeks, but with this ton-sur-ton twist in the photography it gets even better! Photography by Sacha Maric, concept by… [ Continue reading ]

Christian Pitschl

If I want to feed my desire to travel I just visit Flickr and there it goes. Here are some lovely images from graphic designer and photographer Christian Pitschl from Vienna, Austria. The colors, the light, the new and unknown places and people… Just keep on… [ Continue reading ]


Days away from riding my new custom build bike by Elian Cycles (later more on that) I found these images shot for the first issue of Curves Magazine. The magazine is dedicated to Route des Grandes Alpes. A route through the Alps to the Mediterranean, crossing 16 high… [ Continue reading ]

Fiskebar by The Selby

Love The Selby’s view on Copenhagen’s Fiskebar. In the raw and light interior with the beautiful aquarium ‘you can snack in the bar, kick back on the sofas, sit at the tables inside, or enjoy the evening sun from under the canopy outside. You can share… [ Continue reading ]


It is always inspiring to visit the fairs, last week Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, and this week Bread & Butter in Berlin. This year we focussed on Red Wing Shoes and as a proud partner behind the Red Wing Shoes store Amsterdam it’s good to… [ Continue reading ]

The Boros residence

The German Freunde von Freunden (friends of friends) visited  the Boros residence – a former Second World War air raid shelter built in 1942 in central Berlin. An amazing place where Christian and his wife, Karen, live with their son between a dazzling collection of art and installations… [ Continue reading ]

No mountains

Mathieu Vilasco, one of the contributors of the latest Journal de Nîmes just published his first limited booklet of 32 pages ‘No mountains & pretty little things’. The pictures presented here are inspired by daily moments with friends and family, travels and works. From portraits, lighty… [ Continue reading ]

You and I

Ryan McGinley’s first retrospective monograph will be released the 21st this month and is now on preorder. For this beautifully realized volume Ryan has selected the best photographs from his first decade of work. The first edition is sure to become one of McGinley’s most collectable… [ Continue reading ]

Editions Bessard – Ramadan in Yemen

We love books, especially when they are really well made. Editions Bessard was started by the Parisian photographer Pierre Bessard (know for his amazing book ‘Wuhan Boiler Company Workers‘) and is now growing into one of those publishers with an amazing portfolio of publications, limited editions… [ Continue reading ]

Master Mind

Victionary released a new book called MasterMind. A inspiring 288 pages counting book on art direction, fashion styling and visionary photography. The world of fashion has always been motivated by new ideas and changes. Parallel to its evolution are the images put up by visionary art directors and… [ Continue reading ]

Carmesine’s Diary

Spanish fashion and textile designer Carmesine Blauvent is a passionate paraglider and the girl behind Blauvent, a line of bags and accessories for paraglider pilots made out of recycled chutes. I completely fell in love with her photo diary ‘about spanish landscapes’. A beautiful view… [ Continue reading ]


Photographer Anne Schwalbe just released a new book called Wiese. A lovely series of images about meadows, poetic and dreamy pictures of grassland. It brings back to mind the good memories on summer evening walks with friends, or cold winter days in the field. There’s a… [ Continue reading ]


After seeing the French photographer Alexis Raimbault collaborating with (set) designer Romain Lenancker in a new project for Playstation I found these images of a personal project by Alexis. Amazing cityscapes with white bulbs floating around in beautiful light. I wish it… [ Continue reading ]


Featured a while back in one of the first ‘On The Shelf’s’, the Gli Spaghetti Dei Martelli is definitely one of our favorite pasta’s in one of the best and classic designed packaging! Just found this really nice series of pictures of the Tuscany pasta makers… [ Continue reading ]

On the plane

I don’t like sitting in a plane for hours, the small space you share with too many people without fresh air. I don’t like it all. But there is definitely something I very much like about going up in the air. Photographer Philip Kalantzis Cope captured that beautifully… [ Continue reading ]

Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von freunden (friends of friends) is an online interview magazine documenting the studio’s, homes and spaces of friends, and friends of friends. Their latest addition is an interview with Jacob Klein and Nathan Cowen, the guys behind, the beautifully curated image… [ Continue reading ]


In the new issue of Foam Magazine, the Talent issue, there’s this really nice series of pictures named ‘Godspeed’ by the Belgian photographer Katrien Vermeire. Beautiful, colorful pictures, bright yellow stripes and dots on blue and red trees with green leaves… Images of fireflies in the… [ Continue reading ]

Rosanna Webster

Just graduated form Brighton University, the London born and Brighton based Rosanna Webster shared with us her lovely collages, photographs and illustrations. The colorful, rough and grainy and sometimes twisted works, with multiple layers and film projections all looks very promising for a 23 year old!… [ Continue reading ]

Constructing Motion

Last week we got a mail from André Hemstedt and Tine Reimer who recently finished their photography diploma piece called ‘Constructing Motion – Of Acting and Sensing in a System of Equilibrium’. Based on current and anticipated climatic events, the project examines the actions and perceptions of people… [ Continue reading ]

Ana Cabaleiro

Sometimes its fun to follow 20 random links on blogs and sites. You’ll find new things, sometimes strange, ugly, dirty, but often there are some really nice discoveries… Today, after 20 random clicks, I found these lovely images shot by the Spanish photographer Ana Cabaleiro. Enjoy some more… [ Continue reading ]

New York

My brother shot this amazing picture of New York for Architectural Record, illustrating an article on New York City and its status as a 21st-century design capital. A city with architecture, design, and planning at center stage. Read the article here > I… [ Continue reading ]