Gomorrah Girl – Valerio Spada

With our little trip to Napoli days away we get this little warmup with the opening of Gomorrah Girl by Valerio Spada at Flatland Gallery, Utrecht. The impressive series of pictures, published in the awarded book ‘Gomorrah Girl’ (and already sold out), became the traveling exhibition which will now take place in Utrecht. ”Gomorrah Girl’ is almost a documentary about adolescence, choices and chances in a land of Camorrah. On March 27 2004, Annalisa Durante, a young woman of 14 years was caught in the crossfire of violence in the land of Camorrah. ‘Gomorrah Girl’ shows the difficulties of growing up as a young girl in a dangerous and criminal area. At age 9 they make themselves up as TV personalities and dream of becoming one of them. At age 13 or 14 they often become mothers, skipping the adolescence which is lived fully everywhere else in Italy. This photographic journey by Valerio Spada starts from Annalisa’s father, Giovanni Durante, who still works in the same store in Forcella. Since that day he brings breakfast with milk at 9 every morning to his daughter’s grave. Annalisa was buried along with her cell phone, which was her father’s wish, since she used to call him five times per day, every day.’
Be sure to visit Gomorrah Girl at Flatland Gallery — from 27 October till 27 November 2011.