Tenue de Nîmes Basics

This Spring Tenue de Nîmes launches the first chapter of a hand-crafted private label. The initial idea of the private label is that each Tenue de Nîmes garment will be built in limited, exclusive quantities, under decent, proper circumstances from the best available materials that our suppliers can get their hands on. Tenue de Nîmes devotes itself to re-building daily icons (like the men´s shirt) that unite quality and craftsmanship and combine style with soberness.

Since 2008 Tenue de Nîmes has strived for a classic silhouette with seasonal color and style changes while the fit will last for ever. All the garments will contain hidden messages and will only indirectly show the company logo. In terms of communication the brand intends to whisper its unique details so people are made to pay close attention to our garments and philosophy. The first chapter of this project contains a small collection of men´s shirts which were made by a Polish family that has been making shirts for almost 40 years, thanks to their devoted and experienced personnel. Their craftsmanship shines through in their attention to detail and their ability to monitor the entire process from raw fabric to final product.
This Spring, Tenue de Nîmes have released some special Fil à Fil qualities in light blue tones next to the basic navy, black and white shirts. This light cotton weave is known for its different types of cotton used in one piece of fabric. Just like in classic denim the warp and weft differ from each other – most of the time it is a combination of blue and white thread.

The Tenue de Nîmes private label will be sold exclusively at the Tenue de Nîmes store for €79,90 and is available online at tenuedenimes.com