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Temps Mort by Alex Verhaest

Temps Mort is the first solo exhibition by Alex Verhaest which opened on the 7th of September in the Amsterdam-based gallery Grimm. Roeselare-born Verhaest, who now lives in Amsterdam, investigates contrasts, commonalities and the fusion between man and technology, actor and computer. Her first solo exhibition consists of various video works culminating in one large scale movie scene: the red line connecting all works is the story of a family embroiled in an age-old drama. Divided over several screens and using different techniques, each project depicts a certain element of the final movie scene. There are five ‘Character Studies’ representing a personal analysis of each individual character, as well as five ‘Table Props’ that represent the characters’ inner psychology. [ Continue reading ]

Choco Nebula: a cloud of chocolate

In collaboration with Amsterdam's number one chocolate store and personal favorite, Chocolátl, Monskin and Reluct created the very fascinating Choco Nebula: a cloud of chocolate. The project focusses on the fragrance which is extracted from single estate chocolate bars. A custom designed nebuliser evaporates chocolate particles in a cloud of supercharged chocolate fragrance giving the user an intense chocolate experience without actually eating it.  [ Continue reading ]

Stadsbranderij Noord

Two weeks ago we were invited by Kees Kraakman, the man behind the coffee roastery located in the North of Amterdam as part of the cooperative Open Coöp named Stadsbranderij Noord. Kees has been a household name in the Dutch coffee industry for quite some years now. His life in coffee started in 1999 at The Golden Coffee Box as a friend of his was working there and he was looking for a job after finishing high school. Having worked there for little over 10 years Kees left and started as an independent in the coffee industry giving training and consulting, and eventually starting the coffee roastery Stadsbranderij Noord. [ Continue reading ]

Restaurant on Vuurtoreneiland

The impressive temporary summer-restaurant on 'Vuurtoreneiland', close to Amsterdam, is a wonderful initiative by Staatsbosbeheer, who owns the island, Restaurant AS, Nooitlek, the Lloyd Hotel and the Cultural Embassy. Open for costumers since the beginning of July and running until the end of September; on Thursday until Saturday evening and on Sunday afternoon one can enjoy dinner or lunch during any kind of weather in the temporary erupted glass greenhouse on a truly stunning location. [ Continue reading ]

Robby Müller at EYE Amsterdam

Robby Müller is one of the greatest Dutch cinematographers ever. Born during the Second World War in Willemstad on Curaçao, the cinematographer has worked all over the globe, making films both in Europe and the USA, but only a few in the Netherlands itself. Now in his seventies and unfortunately bound to a wheelchair, Müller can look back on an highly impressive career working repeatedly with cinematic maestro's Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch and twice with enfant terrible Lars von Trier, among others. In March of 2013 Müller was awarded the International Achievement Award by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), making him the first Dutchmen to receive this prestigious award. [ Continue reading ]

Lobster House

The newly opened seafood takeout restaurant LobsterHouse + studio at the Frederiksplein 6-8 in Amsterdam really pleases our senses, both aesthetically ànd what we tasted when we dropped by. The seafood takeout restaurant, which is the latest project of Steven Pooters who also founded Café George, has a menu consisting of whole and half lobsters, three different kinds of oysters, lobster- or crab burgers, but also a pasta Vongolo, and Niçoise or Bouillabaise salads. All the takeout meals are prepared daily. [ Continue reading ]

Tenue de Nîmes Haarlemmerstraat

After months of hard work, designing, building, creating new collections of vintage photographs, frame antique pressed flowers from my grandparents, putting together a diverse collections of boxing memorabilia, we are super proud with the official opening of the second Tenue de Nîmes store in Amsterdam! Housed in Amsterdam's Haarlemmerstraat the store is divided into a separate men's and women's world, referred to as Tenue de Nîmes 'Mesdames' and 'Messieurs'. [ Continue reading ]


A new photo fair in Amsterdam named Unseen will have it's grande opening for selected guests next wednesday the 19th of September 2012. The following day the fair will be open for public as well. The ambitious project, a joint operation of FOAM, Platform A and Vandejong and directed by Marloes Krijnen, who is also the director of FOAM, has the vision of revolutionizing the photo fair. Unseen intends to give new photography a platform it deserves, the fair ideally aspires to be: "a meeting place for young photographic talent, for known photographers with new works to show, for galleries that focus on new developments, and for an audience interested in discovering unknown and groundbreaking work." In this world of new talent there is also a place for new buyers and collectors. The fair has it's focus on this group as well: "we enable potential collectors to take the first step to buying work. With a special programme, we guide ‘first-time buyers’ in the world of photography and coach them in collecting." [ Continue reading ]

Carolein Smit at Flatland Gallery

On the 8th of September the incredible Dutch ceramic artist Carolein Smit will open her exhibition 'Death and the Maiden'  at the newly opened Flatland Gallery in Amsterdam. The work of the Academy of fine arts, St. Joost graduate is known for its evocative postures which inhabit at the same time a certain vulnerability. Much of her attention in her statues goes to the skin: it could be covered with thorns, holes, hairs, water drops, or a pattern of veins. The aesthetic created by these choices has a strong connection to the magic-realistic tradition in the arts. Carolein borrows themes from classic mythology and biblical tales, such as greed, power and impotence, vanity, perishableness and death. Often her sculptures enclose elements like those we find in vanitas. [ Continue reading ]

Clemens en August

This weekend, Clemens en August will hit Amsterdam again. The very exclusive collection is only available on tour, for just three days in every city. In Amsterdam the 14th till the 16th of October at White Space, M.J. Kosterstraat 18 between 11 am and… [ Continue reading ]

The Revival Tour Amsterdam

Initiated by Chuck Regan, the American singer-songwriter and former head of Hot Water Music, The Revival Tour will come to Amsterdam this October.The concert in Amsterdam is completely sold out, but we got some tickets for you to win. Together with… [ Continue reading ]

Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

We proudly present you: The official Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam online store. The Red Wing webshop offers the single most complete Red Wing shoe collection ever offered online plus a lovely curated selection of accessories, books, workwear-inspired clothing and… [ Continue reading ]

Amsterdam vs Canada

After working on the leather patch for the new collaboration between Tenue de Nîmes and Naked & Famous, a clash between Amsterdam and Canada, I completely fell in love with the 13oz green, rope-dyed army repro denim. The mid-green color proved a particular challenge since the… [ Continue reading ]


The last 24 hours of the very inspiring exhibition Antiphotojournalism, an exhibition on the change in photojournalism today in the Amsterdam museum for photography Foam, will be taken over by a group of speakers, bloggers and artists. Coup is an event organized by Foam Lab and… [ Continue reading ]

String Gardens

Love these String Gardens by Dutchmen Fedor van der Falk. He started 3 years ago with a three dimensional crochet filled with plaster, soil, moss and grass to continue with small plants resulting in a combination of kokedama and a Japanese botanic style like the real Hanging… [ Continue reading ]

Amsterdam Inspiration Guide

Tonight Tenue de Nîmes will officially receive the first signed copy of the ‘Amsterdam Inspiration Guide’ by Frame. The guide will be an inspiration guide for cosmopolitan travelers. According to the publishers it will be a handbook to make any traveler at home instantly in our metropolitan city. The book… [ Continue reading ]

Somewhere Place

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Next month Galerie Gabriel Rolt will host a new show by Ryan McGinley – Somewhere Place. It will be his second solo exhibition in the Netherlands (the first one was at Foam). ‘McGinley’s elaborate and rigorous process of photo-making creates moments of… [ Continue reading ]


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Thomas Tukker crossed Amsterdam with a huge old polaroid camera, to shoot a series of pictures for our 6th issue of Journal de Nîmes. The images are nailed on the wall of Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam and definitely worth a check… [ Continue reading ]


Dutch artist Anouk Griffioen and photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen worked together on a project called Sophie. Transparent and fragile images, collages in black and white, an exploration between the parallels of photography and illustration resulted in Sophie, a beautiful series of portraits. The images will be exhibited in Magazijn 153 (Oudezijds Voorburgwal 153, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) the 27th and 28th of November. Together with the exhibition a special cassette with signed prints will be available in a limited edition of 50. More images after the click > [ Continue reading ]

Clemens en August

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Prior to the interview we did with Alexander Brenninkmeijer from Clemens en August, here’s a little invitation to the upcoming event in Amsterdam. This weekend Clemens en August will open its temporary store at SMBA, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Rozenstraat 50, in Amsterdam, the… [ Continue reading ]

Martien Mulder

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Dutch born and New York based photographer Martien Mulder will open her new solo exhibition at Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam today. The exhibition is called “From Blue To Blue” and includes highlights of 10 years of personal work. ‘Martien Mulder’s photographs reflect her travels,… [ Continue reading ]