Choco Nebula: a cloud of chocolate

In collaboration with Amsterdam’s number one chocolate store and personal favorite, Chocolátl, Monskin and Reluct created the very fascinating Choco Nebula: a cloud of chocolate. The project focusses on the fragrance which is extracted from single estate chocolate bars. A custom designed nebuliser evaporates chocolate particles in a cloud of supercharged chocolate fragrance giving the user an intense chocolate experience without actually eating it. 

Chocolátl is a specialty retail chocolate shop which was opened in December 2010 by American couple Erik and Leslie. They see their shop as a kind of “chocolate gallery” through which they promote and make high quality chocolate from around the world available in their Amsterdam shop. In their selection the focus lays on artisanal, single-origin chocolate bars. In addition the store also offers premium origin bonbons by chocolatier Geert Vercruysse. Erik and Leslie’s knowledge of chocolate and hospitality to share it with anyone visiting the store makes a visit to the shop always worthwhile with new treasures to be found every time.

We love the innovative use of chocolate by Monskin and Reluct and urge everyone to visit the store of Erik and Leslie and let them guide you through the wonderful world of chocolate, for more information see here!

The store located on the Hazenstraat 25-A and is opened Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00 and Sunday 13:00 to 17:00.