Lobster House

The newly opened seafood takeout restaurant LobsterHouse + studio at the Frederiksplein 6-8 in Amsterdam really pleases our senses, both aesthetically ànd what we tasted when we dropped by. The seafood takeout restaurant, which is the latest project of Steven Pooters who also founded Café George, has a menu consisting of whole and half lobsters, three different kinds of oysters, lobster- or crab burgers, but also a pasta Vongolo, and Niçoise or Bouillabaise salads. All the takeout meals are prepared daily.

The LobsterHouse is located in a former garage which still remains visible in it’s interior. A lot of industrial elements of the former garage are still in place, like the pipes on the ceiling and the major roller doors in the outer wall. In the middle of the space a long white work-bench was installed which serves as the counter where one orders and collects it’s food. A homarium with living lobsters and containers with ice have oysters in them show the freshness of the products. There are no tables as it is a true take out, but it is possible to eat your food standing at the bar.

Next to the LobsterHouse, in the same industrial style, a studio of 250m2 has erupted. The studio is very light and consists out of two rooms with a pantry. This creative environment is for rent per day for multiple activities from photo shoots to workshops or a popup shop cq gallery.
Not only the environment created for and around the LobsterHouse was done in an eye pleasing way, we also particularly like the tasteful graphic design found in the LobsterHouse, for instance the menu, which was done by …,Staat.

The LobsterHouse is opened Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00.