The Basel-based company Cloak, which was founded last year by Samuel Ruckstuhl, is a highly specialized carpet company dedicated to architects and interior designers. With the Ruckstuhl family legacy of more than hundred years of carpet weaving in Switzerland, the young company uniquely combines this ancient craft of carpet making with a contemporary design approach. With the New York subsidiary Ruckstuhl USA the mother-company has been serving industry leaders such as Apple, Calvin Klein, Frank Gehry, The Guggenheim Museum, Louis Vuitton and Vitra – with the new creative outlet building on this rich heritage, but aiming for areas and aesthetics beyond the formerly known. The fine rugs and carpets are produced – partly in The Netherlands – from naturally luxurious raw materials, which are handled with such reverence that they lose none of their extraordinary properties during the production process – with a focus on undyed wool and if, colored with eco friendly vegetable dyes. Cloak specializes on bespoke sizes, color accuracy and outstanding longevity, making their pieces some of the most appealing ones out there.

We’re obsessive about good design and are always striving to innovate and inspire. Uniquely, we offer the most desirable rugs by introducing avant-garde designers with the best mills in our industry.

Although the current Cloak catalogue shows a beautiful coherent feel for color, forms and how to elegantly juxtapose these two elements, some of the carpets really stand out. We are particularly impressed by the beautiful ‘Misty’ design which comes in the colors grey, powder, petrol and silver. The hand-knotted rug was inspired by light, which is represented by applying the color in the form of a gradient from top to bottom, with the diamond-shaped base pattern running all over. As a result the piece truly capturing light – reflecting it to stunning effect depending on its placement, as light shimmers over its surface to create a focal point.

Another beauty is the so called ‘Noam’ rug, coming in aqua and grey produced from wool and bamboo silk. The inspirational piece by Cloak is Danish-designed, inspired by river reflections – capturing and reflecting light for a shimmering finish. Its contrasting colors make it a perfect dramatic centerpiece, and another prime example of the elegant work by Ruckstuhl and his team.

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