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Fiskebar by The Selby

Love The Selby’s view on Copenhagen’s Fiskebar. In the raw and light interior with the beautiful aquarium ‘you can snack in the bar, kick back on the sofas, sit at the tables inside, or enjoy the evening sun from under the canopy outside. You can share… [ Continue reading ]

Carmesine’s Diary

Spanish fashion and textile designer Carmesine Blauvent is a passionate paraglider and the girl behind Blauvent, a line of bags and accessories for paraglider pilots made out of recycled chutes. I completely fell in love with her photo diary ‘about spanish landscapes’. A beautiful view… [ Continue reading ]


After seeing the French photographer Alexis Raimbault collaborating with (set) designer Romain Lenancker in a new project for Playstation I found these images of a personal project by Alexis. Amazing cityscapes with white bulbs floating around in beautiful light. I wish it… [ Continue reading ]


Featured a while back in one of the first ‘On The Shelf’s’, the Gli Spaghetti Dei Martelli is definitely one of our favorite pasta’s in one of the best and classic designed packaging! Just found this really nice series of pictures of the Tuscany pasta makers… [ Continue reading ]

On the plane

I don’t like sitting in a plane for hours, the small space you share with too many people without fresh air. I don’t like it all. But there is definitely something I very much like about going up in the air. Photographer Philip Kalantzis Cope captured that beautifully… [ Continue reading ]


In the new issue of Foam Magazine, the Talent issue, there’s this really nice series of pictures named ‘Godspeed’ by the Belgian photographer Katrien Vermeire. Beautiful, colorful pictures, bright yellow stripes and dots on blue and red trees with green leaves… Images of fireflies in the… [ Continue reading ]

Constructing Motion

Last week we got a mail from André Hemstedt and Tine Reimer who recently finished their photography diploma piece called ‘Constructing Motion – Of Acting and Sensing in a System of Equilibrium’. Based on current and anticipated climatic events, the project examines the actions and perceptions of people… [ Continue reading ]

Ana Cabaleiro

Sometimes its fun to follow 20 random links on blogs and sites. You’ll find new things, sometimes strange, ugly, dirty, but often there are some really nice discoveries… Today, after 20 random clicks, I found these lovely images shot by the Spanish photographer Ana Cabaleiro. Enjoy some more… [ Continue reading ]

New York

My brother shot this amazing picture of New York for Architectural Record, illustrating an article on New York City and its status as a 21st-century design capital. A city with architecture, design, and planning at center stage. Read the article here > I… [ Continue reading ]

Katsuya Kamo by The Selby

Todd Selby shot another great space. This time it is the house of Tokyo based hairstylist Katsuya Kamo. Walls filled with art, animals and treasures and scrapbooks crammed with pictures and inspiration. Specially love the flower artwork where he is working on at that… [ Continue reading ]

When We Were Young

Thanks to GF Smith I’ve met Cari Vuong, a vietnam born, raised in Hong Kong and Upstate New York photographer. We just finished a job for Joolz where we worked together to build a stand where New York will meet the fantasy world… [ Continue reading ]

Havana Fight Club

Achim Lippoth shot this beautiful series of pictures and short movie in the ‘Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym’ for Kid’s Wear issue 33. The Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym is one of the oldest boxing clubs in Cuba where local kids from 8-11 years… [ Continue reading ]

Michael Schmidt

I found out about Michael Schmidt and his fantastic photography and short movies thru the Belgium denim label Eat Dust (available at Tenue de Nîmes). Endless road trips on bikes, literally eating dust and catching up with all the mayor bike builders of the… [ Continue reading ]


Taylor Holland, a designer and photographer from Oklahoma currently based in Paris, made this crazy series of pictures of the tourist buses visiting Paris. Love these retro colors, air-brushed pictures and 80’s stripes and shapes. (Via Fontanel)… [ Continue reading ]

Some Place

Love this nice blog Someplace: a showcase of contemporary photography by emerging and established photographers from around the world. Above the beautiful series of pictures ‘And Then’ by Jo Metson Scott in collaboration with Nicola Yeoman, as featured on Someplace. [ Continue reading ]


Love this set of images on Flickr. All the amazing books, libraries, studios, houses and cabinets in one place… What’s better than a house filled with books?… [ Continue reading ]


The last 24 hours of the very inspiring exhibition Antiphotojournalism, an exhibition on the change in photojournalism today in the Amsterdam museum for photography Foam, will be taken over by a group of speakers, bloggers and artists. Coup is an event organized by Foam Lab and… [ Continue reading ]

Joe Nigel Coleman

Today’s Flickr find: Beautiful poetic and dreamy multi-exposed images by the young and upcoming Australian photographer Joe Nigel Coleman. Images that echo seemingly endless summers, ongoing journeys and tender moments. Enjoy it all at his flickr-, portfolio– and tumblr site. [ Continue reading ]

La Ruta del Peregrino

Another wonderful project shot by my brother. La Ruta del Peregrino (Pilgrim’s Route). A group of 7 designers, artist and architects created several shelters, viewpoints and sanctuaries along the route. It’s a walk of 117 kilometers through the mountain range of Jalisco, starting in the town… [ Continue reading ]


The passenger steps onto the overcast deck and remembers a line. Soft was the sun. The wind to his back, he is facing the stern and an endless trail of thoughts drifting away from him towards the horizon. He wants no words, only to enjoy the delicate anticipation of a… [ Continue reading ]

Vedi Napoli e poi muori

At the end of 2010 Dutch graphic designer Jeroen Pruijt moved to Naples. He started a photographic journal, sharing his love for this city thru his analog pictures taken with an old Rollei 35.
In his words, '...Naples could be considered as chaotic, with cars and motorbikes racing around the city not paying attention to traffic lights. She could also be seen as corrupt or dangerous by some, but one thing that Naples could never be considered, is boring. Yes there is a dark side, but the bright side is overwhelming. In Naples the 'good' and 'bad' contrast each other to such an extreme, it's breathtaking.' A contrast that reflects in his beautiful images. [ Continue reading ]

These Woods

The beauty of burned wood! The Canadian photographer Troy Moth has always been fascinated by fire, and by what’s left. ‘…it’s the morning after a night outdoors, when I return to the charred remains of what had previously been a bright and welcoming light, that I’m most curious… [ Continue reading ]