La Ruta del Peregrino

Another wonderful project shot by my brother. La Ruta del Peregrino (Pilgrim’s Route). A group of 7 designers, artist and architects created several shelters, viewpoints and sanctuaries along the route. It’s a walk of 117 kilometers through the mountain range of Jalisco, starting in the town of Ameca, ascending to el Cerro del Obispo at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, crossing the peak of Espinazo del Diablo to descend to it’s final destination in the town of Talpa de Allende to meet with the Virgin of Talpa as an act of devotion, faith and gratitude.
Above: Sanctuary by Ai Weiwei/FAKE Design, Gratitude Open Chapel  and Sanctuary Circle by Dellekamp Arquitectos and Lookout Point by HHF architects. (shot for Abitare – December 2010)