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Tenue de Nîmes x Travelteq

Last week marked the moment of the release of another exciting project, which we now can finally share: the second collaboration between Tenue de Nîmes and Travelteq, after the first one dating back to 2011, with the new joint effort 3 years later resulting in the co-creation of two all-new designs of Travelteq's modern classic; the 'Trash' Laptop bag. The collaboration is highly limited to only 30 hand made pieces, which are produced at the Travelteq factory in Tuscany, Italy, which we visited when the last collaboration came about. The handmade accessories represent the best of two worlds as they are made from Travelteq's signature Florentine Vacchetta leather combined with what forms the blood in the veins of the Tenue de Nîmes universe: characteristic Japanese selvage denim. With one version predominantly made from denim, with leather details, and the other boasting only denim details and a leather body. As with all premium products by Travelteq, the leather of the bags gets its beautiful deep cognac color thanks to the vegetable tanning process, with the design of the bag forming eight compartments, of which three are zipped, plus one for anything the size of a cigar and the main compartment for your laptop of maximally 15 inches. [ Continue reading ]

Travelteq Navy

Travelteq just released a full line of products in navy Florentine Vacchetta leather. The Notebook Cover, Macbook Sleeve, Cardholder, Cardholder Mini, Passport Holder all come in this beautiful dark blue.
Together with this they came with an All-Leather edition of their signature Trash laptop bag. Where the original is made with a leather outer shell and the main compartment covered with water resistant nylon, the new editions are totally made out of the high quality Florentine Vacchetta leather which Travelteq uses for all their products. The All-Leather edition gives the Trash just that extra luxurious appeal, and with the extraordinary leather used for the bags the new bag will look even more tremendous after using it for a longer period of time. [ Continue reading ]

Travelteq x Monocle

This week Travelteq released a beautiful canvas Voyager bag. But there was another release they where involved in. My favorite travel companion collaborated with my favorite magazine. Travelteq and Monocle released the Travelteq x Monocle Travel Towel. The light irish linen is more absorbent than… [ Continue reading ]

TravelTeq Trash

When you're a regular reader you might think that we have some kind of a bag-fetishism. We're hunting all day for the best, most practical, good looking and well crafted men's accessories. Well, at the moment we believe we found something that will make us to end this search. A bag made of cognac-colored Florentine Vachetta leather, hand-made in Italy, bag-by-bag, with all the needed compartments and cases. Finished with water resistant nylon lining and an outside strip to attach to the trolley for comfortable traveling… We're talking about the TravelTeq Trash. A classic bag ready for the 21st century. We're proud to carry this beauty in Anothershop! [ Continue reading ]

Fallen Bird

Another x Lennard Kok

From the moment we worked with Utrecht-based illustrator Lennard Kok for the rebrand of Travelteq in 2015, the ambition was set to collaborate again. Eventually it took another year to really sit down and discuss it. At that point Lennard confessed he wanted to explore new terrain in his artistic practice and shared his ambition to reach beyond illustration. Through our consensual admiration for certain inspirational artist editions, we set the bar at next level and eventually came to the conclusion this would mean we needed to take Lennard's clear lined flat signature and find a way to translate it into the sculptural. More so, as paradigms continue to shift under the pressures of digital globalization with significant fractures ahead of us that seem to usher in a new era, we searched for a statement that (at least in our heads) would mark the specific moment of creation.

In the dialogue that followed, we kept returning to a series of crashed vehicles Lennard had made earlier that year. When we finally started seeing the airplane out of that series as the ultimate symbol, we knew we had found our subject that represented everything we aimed for. From that moment Michiel Verweij joined the project to bring Lennard's vision to life in 3D and soon Suzan Becking formed the last element of the equation as we wanted to materialize the sculpture into the perfect paradox: a crashing plane made out of porcelain. The final quest for perfection started, and eventually took a little longer than we hoped, but Friday the 13th, at last, graphite on paper was transformed into a black porcelain sculpture which we named 'Fallen Bird'.

We are extremely proud to present the result of our shared endeavor and are very thankful for this inspirational experience alongside Lennard, Michiel and Suzan. Now it's time for this 'Fallen Bird' to find its way all over the world again... We are ready for the next one (stay tuned)! [ Continue reading ]

2015 — 2016

Another year has passed right before our very eyes. Although, as always, we tried to grasp it every once in a while, it feels like yesterday since the last new years eve. But here we are again after another remarkable, flown by, twelve months with some wonderful things to look back on (and to look forward to!). As per usual there was as little sitting still as possible with some great collaborations realized - among which the rebrand of Travelteq is particularly special - hard work on our own projects and of course trips (business ànd pleasure) all around the world. Both accompanied by bike or just with family and friends. Speaking of those; a wonderful highlight was Tenue's trip to San Francisco, but also the visit to beautiful Porto, Paris with ...,staat, Sweden to partake in the Dalslandrunt15, the exciting trip to Croatia for the upcoming revitalized Our Current Obsessions, and visiting our friends of GERTRUD & GEORGE in Geneva, amongst others. This year also marked some extraordinary steps forward for Tenue de Nîmes with the introduction of the first own designs, several great collaborations of which the Hancock VA coats are a true highlight and finally the presentation of Journal Nº 12. As always we will be back in the new year, with very soon an all new aesthetic and approach for Another Something. Stay tuned and until that moment, enjoy our favorite discoveries of last year. [ Continue reading ]

Functional Luxury for the 21st Century

Amsterdam-based luxury travel bag brand Travelteq is one of those brands we have had a very close relationship with for the last half decade, both online in our writings as in the real world. Following a string of shared projects - like visiting the Travelteq factory in 2011 - we are very proud to present the latest and largest collaboration in which we worked together to redefine the strategy, rebuild the brand and restyle the complete identity. In the new vision for Travelteq a direct-to-consumer model is introduced. Key in this new ecosystem is the cutting out of the middlemen, through which Travelteq is able to eliminate high markups - passing the savings to the customers, offering highest quality handcrafted Italian bags and accessories at a revolutionary price point. In line with this new direction an updated aesthetic for the communication of the brand Travelteq was created and introduced in all its different elements on the newly launched website. [ Continue reading ]

Another Gift Guide Preview 2013 x Nuji

As a preview of our annual Another Gift Guide we’ve selected 10 of our favorites exclusively for Nuji. Number one is the amazing Nomos Lambda, a wonderful timepiece in 18-carat white or rose gold. Number two are the leather crochet touchscreen gloves by Mujjo, both geeky and style-full. Number three is our all-time favourite the 33” Globe Trotter Centenary in grey and black. Number four is the just released Watch Roll by our friends of Travelteq, a need to have for every watch collector. Illesteva’s Felix Light Tortoise makes a perfect number five. Number six is the lovely collection of City Cycling Guides by Rapha. The beautifully handcrafted apron’s of Editor’s Index is number seven. Eight is the men’s travel essential, Baxter of California’s Travel Kit. Number nine are the amazing rubberised hand-made products of Hancock, with this indigo jacket at Tenue de Nîmes as our favourite. And the last one is this pair of Nike Free Trainers. [ Continue reading ]

Travel Towels

Travelteq released three new products today. A lovely Florentine Vachetta leather pencil holder to store 19 Bruynzeel Sakura color pencils, and these two Travel Towels. The beach towels are made from lrish linen and comes in two colors, navy blue and light… [ Continue reading ]

Oliver Tank

Last week Sophie from Travelteq pointed us to the Australian rising star Oliver Tank. A 21 year old boy from Sydney with a remarkable fresh sound. You hear the influence of James Blake, but it is different, more layered and with some beautiful fragile tunes. A lovely and… [ Continue reading ]

Journal de Nîmes Nº8

Tenue de Nîmes have released its 8th Journal de Nîmes today: The Made in Europe issue. Two of the many highlights of this issue are a portrait of the legendary French knitwear label Armor Lux  and the interview with Tim Little, Creative Director of British Shoemaker… [ Continue reading ]


Last week I enjoyed a little trip to Lucca, Italy, to visit the leather workshop where the TravelTeq bags are made. A beautiful little space with 7 craftsman working every day to make one of the best bags in the world. In the upcoming… [ Continue reading ]

The Canvas Messenger

Today TravelTeq will launch its second ‘inside-out’ bag, the Trash Canvas Messenger. A beautiful resign where the original Trash is turned inside-out and upside-down. The bag is made from the most durable canvas in the world, vegetable tanned leather and the well known orange lining. Hand made in… [ Continue reading ]

Inside Out

Please welcome the beautiful proof Travelteq is not all about leather, but about timeless, functional design. The first in a new line of bags is the Trash Inside Out. Made of high quality dark green waxed canvas and finished with leather seams and handles, the same … [ Continue reading ]

The Trip

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Travelteq asked New York photographer Trevor Triano to make a small series of pictures with their Trip. Resulted in some lovely pictures of the extremely stylish and comfortable Trip, in the beautiful light of the Big Apple. (and be sure to visit… [ Continue reading ]

A Continuous Report

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Always on the hunt for the best places to eat and stay we were happy to help out TravelTeq to create a place to share their favorites. Be sure you’ll check A Continuous Report by TravelTeq when planning a trip… [ Continue reading ]

Coast and sky

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Yesterday I was introduced by the official apple accessories brand COTEetCIEL and I was really impressed! Sure, I will not give up my lovely TravelTeq, but can imagine taking this one on my two day trip to cary my computer, accessories and… [ Continue reading ]