2015 — 2016

Another year has passed right before our very eyes. Although, as always, we tried to grasp it every once in a while, it feels like yesterday since the last new years eve. But here we are again after another remarkable, flown by, twelve months with some wonderful things to look back on (and to look forward to!). As per usual there was as little sitting still as possible with some great collaborations realized – among which the rebrand of Travelteq is particularly special – hard work on our own projects and of course trips (business ànd pleasure) all around the world. Both accompanied by bike or just with family and friends. Speaking of those; a wonderful highlight was Tenue’s trip to San Francisco, but also the visit to beautiful Porto, Paris with …,staat, Sweden to partake in the Dalslandrunt15, the exciting trip to Croatia for the upcoming revitalized Our Current Obsessions, and visiting our friends of GERTRUD & GEORGE in Geneva, amongst others. This year also marked some extraordinary steps forward for Tenue de Nîmes with the introduction of the first own designs, several great collaborations of which the Hancock VA coats are a true highlight and finally the presentation of Journal Nº 12. As always we will be back in the new year, with very soon an all new aesthetic and approach for Another Something. Stay tuned and until that moment, enjoy our favorite discoveries of last year.

It’s always nice to take a moment and look back at the former year. In the case of 2015 some old and new discoveries have made our heart beat faster with remarkable new (and older) projects, keeping us inspired and hungry in everything we create ourselves. It was very inspiring to see and introduce a new and extremely ambitious project by Ashkan Honarvar here on Another Something, but also discovering the exciting work of British and Dutch painters Danny Fox and young Jurre Blom. Another inspirational highlight was visiting ‘Contact‘ by the great Olafur Eliasson, only months after seeing his ‘Riverbed‘ in Denmark. Not to forget the extraordinary ‘Il Capo‘ and ‘The Factory‘ which were premiered by Nowness this year.

It was also a great year for print with a series of extraordinary releases. We particularly love the second edition of the inspirational ‘Strange Plants‘ by young publishing house Zioxla, Steven Sebring and supermodel Coco Rocha’s ‘Study of Pose‘, designmaster Kenya Hara’s ‘Ex-formation‘ and the remarkable ‘Ways of Knowing‘ by Daniel Stier. Many of those great publications were driven by great photography and some of those projects (yet to be or already published) which really excited us were the incredible ‘Blast‘, the beautiful ‘Tokyo Parrots‘ by Yoshinori Muzutani which we finally saw in printed form at Unseen, but also Katja Kremenić‘s ongoing display of talent inspired us this year.

In fashion it is more of the same, but fortunately there are still some names pushing the envelope. We are still very inspired by everything concerning Paul Smith’s A (Summer) Suit to Travel In, from the presentation to the designs itself. It was also great to discover new talent in Dutch designer Sebastiaan Pieter and Israeli Hed Mayner. And another important moment was our sit down with Antwerp-based retailpioneer Geert Bruloot who we interviewed for Journal Nº 12.

As for 2016: this will be the year of the grande presentations. Stay tuned for, at last, the introduction of our buffalo horn optical project MOTTAINAI; the second (greater) coming of Our Current Obsessions; an all new Another Something (losing the Company part); and some of the most exciting collaborations we have been working on for some years. Plus all the other things we don’t know about yet…

For now we wish you a happy New Year!
It will be another amazing one.

Go back to some of our favorites of the year:

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Danny Fox
Travelteq 2015
Rapha Pro Spring/Summer 2015
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Strange Plants II
Hed Mayner
Tokyo Parrots
Katja Kremenić’s Dairy
A Suit to Travel
Jurre Blom