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Vector Watch

A little under two weeks ago, the impressive next-generation smartwatch brand Vector Watch officially launched for the public in what other city then Basel - where at that moment Baselworld took place. With an aim to provide a more personalized and intuitive experience on a smartwatch device, the Vector brand is supported by a strong team of developers as well as the ex CEO of Timex Joe Santana, ex Nike Designer Steve Jarvis and Vector CTO Andrei Pitis. The launch event took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Gare du Nord venue - the old train station for Basel - a fitting location for a product that looks to meld traditional watch design with intuitive technology. With the vast amount of information and notifications we receive on our connected devices now a days, the London-based brand has developed the smartwatch device to simplify day-to-day activities and routines to give users the power to choose what they wish to focus on. Introduced as a stylish and desirable piece of jewelry rather than a gadget, the Vector smartwatch looks to fill the gap in the market left by fashion-focused smartwatches lacking technological innovation, and technology-orientated wearables. [ Continue reading ]


It is a really good year for one of Amsterdam's more visible entrepreneurs: Casper Reinders. After opening a beautiful new gallery earlier this year, this month he opened yet another restaurant, his tenth, named Nacional. The bistro style restaurant, which is a collaborative effort of Reinders and partners Dobson and Uzcudun, aims to give new élan to one of the more sleazy squares of Amsterdam's city center, the Leidseplein, offering French cuisine with a modern New York-twist. Nacional's spacious interior, somewhat in line with the new Libertine Gallery, shows an eclectic mix of vintage, art and design, among which is a tremendous huge specimen of Piet Parra's beautiful Cold figure, which was released by CASE STUDYO  in miniature size last month. The restaurant can handle as many as 140 guests with its surface of 460 m², making Nacional a little piece of New York right in the middle of Amsterdam. [ Continue reading ]

Lobster House

The newly opened seafood takeout restaurant LobsterHouse + studio at the Frederiksplein 6-8 in Amsterdam really pleases our senses, both aesthetically ànd what we tasted when we dropped by. The seafood takeout restaurant, which is the latest project of Steven Pooters who also founded Café George, has a menu consisting of whole and half lobsters, three different kinds of oysters, lobster- or crab burgers, but also a pasta Vongolo, and Niçoise or Bouillabaise salads. All the takeout meals are prepared daily. [ Continue reading ]

On Another Shelf #3

1. If There Ever Was – A book of extinct and impossible smells 2. White Jasmine Sparklin Tea 3. Vintage Buddy Lee 4. The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work by Alain de Botton 5. Vintage Heuer stopwatch… [ Continue reading ]

On Another Shelf #2

1. Yauatcha Tea 2. Andre Clouet Rose 3. Antique print of the Solar System (1889) 4. Vintage Midland Bank Limited paper money bag 5. Vintage Kaweco Sports set for the Olympics of 1972 in Munich 6. Russian… [ Continue reading ]

On the Urform Shelf #2

1. Autumn leaf 2. Surface 2 Air S/S 2011 3. Ginger Beer by Belevoire Fruit Farm 4. David Bowie – Space oddity 5. Vintage Exacompta notes 6. Butt Magazine 7. Cobber — By… [ Continue reading ]

On Another Shelf #1

1. Dolfin Ginger Chocolate 2. Underworld by Kelly Klein 3. Insects Card Set by Postalco 4. Noodlers water resistant fountain pen ink 5. Antique razor by James 6. Gli Spaghetti Dei Martelli 7. [ Continue reading ]


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If you have read the 7 rules of mentorship and think you are the next big thing but want some mentorship and feedback on your portfolio, visit the new talent portfolio night by Blend & Streetlab. I’ll be there, together with Corriette Schoenaerts,… [ Continue reading ]