The Cargobike

A while back I featured my own custom Eliancycles road bike here on Another Something. Since then, Elian worked on the bike he’d build more than two years ago, fine-tuning and re-engineering the frame and tech, resulting in the first two-wheeled bike that steers without a front fork.
From the first time Elian showed me this bike I was stoked. A cargo bike with race allure feels like something people really need, especially when it looks good.

As Elian describes: “Engineering a strong and lightweight frame matched the principle of a pure look. Needed was a solution which made the steering better and would work in combination with the self-supporting frame. We found the solution in the 100 years old design of the center steering hub by the British James motorcycle company in 1910. We reengineered the center steering hub especially for our Cargobike and started building our first samples. After two years of testing and adjusting we have finally reached our goal. We made the first two-wheeled bicycle without a front fork that steers perfectly.” Amazing to see a piece of history coming to life in a spacey futuristic bike like this!

The Cargobike is now being built on client demand. Just like all the other Eliancycles bicycles, it is handmade, built one by one by Elian himself. Enjoy some pictures we’ve shot for Elian here >