White Season by Bonhomie

At the end of 2013 we introduced the Helsinki-based label Bonhomie just before it was launched. The elegant Finnish brand has as its fundament to create shirts and other basics strictly of European manufacture, which are solely sold online direct to the costumers, allowing the price to be half of the usual retail price of products with a similar quality. The debut collection featured a pristine white point collar dress shirt, a denim button-down oxford shirt and a t-shirt. Now, two years ahead they have returned with a new perspective; presenting the immaculate ‘White Season’. Denim was left behind for now, but the new all white collection covers all wishes one can have to dress up or down in the cleanest color of them all.

Our design process focuses on breaking down every detail, fit and function and engineer them to their highest standards. An item’s true beauty comes through effortlessly when no unnecessary details steer attention away from what is important, this is the underlining thought behind every single piece of clothing we make. We sell timeless basics that every man should possess in  their wardrobe using the finest materials available.

Boiled down to the bare essentials of what one needs, the three pieces are perfect in their minimalism. Our favorite; the button-down collar shirt is appropriate for all occasions. Produced out of a 100% White Pinpoint fabric which is made in Italy. The standard shirt is a great update of the earlier introduced point collar dress shirt. It has a beautifully proportioned narrow collar, making it an elegant choice with perfect minimal detailing. Finally the essential white tee brings everything to the table which one can ask for. Made from fine 100% cotton jersey from Portugal, in a versatile weight (140gsm) suitable for all seasons.

We found the best fabrics to be coming out of Portugal and Italy and manufacturing from Portugal and Estonia. By producing all our items in Europe we can ensure that not only the working conditions are fair, but also that the expertise and attention to detail can be seen and felt in each and every product.

Order the immaculate White Season by Bonhomie here