The Hour

And another interesting new name in the world of watches – also launched at Baselworld two weeks ago: the elegant new watch journal named The Hour. Exploring the culture of watches in the broadest sense of the word, The Hour not only focusses on the creation process of the finer timepieces produced but also sheds light on the people behind these intricate processes – under the creative direction of editor-in-chief Josh Sims, author of ‘Vintage Menswear‘, which we wrote about in 2013. The first issue features an interview with Stephen Urquhart – president of Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, Omega – in addition to conversations with individuals beyond the watch industry, including chef Wolfgang Puck, Brioni‘s Umberto Angeloni, artist Gemma Champ and designer Andrew Pemberton. Providing both candid insight into the production of watches and reflections on the watch industry’s cultural influences on other creative fields, from fashion, photography to the culinary arts. Keep an eye on this beautiful new magazine.

The Hour is a new international journal which reflects our fascination with watches, their creation, the people behind them and the people who wear them. But it also places them in the broader context by looking at the world at large and time’s play on it – on its culture and ideas, on its creatives and thinkers, on how we choose to spend our lives. As The Hour’s snappy strapline puts it: It’s About Time.

Mason Wells, partner of London-based design studio Bibliothèque, is the art director for the new magazine, having created a playful elegant look and feel for The Hour, which both fits within the dominant luxury aesthetic of the world of high end watches, but still feels connected to the new wave of the interesting indie magazines which have been founded over the course of the last few years. The beautiful form created fits perfectly in the ambition for each issue “to take an inquisitive, intelligent, sophisticated look at whatever strikes us as most arresting over the period in which it is lovingly pulled together.”

To celebrate the launch, The Hour also released a monogrammed leather pouch designed in collaboration with Bill Amberg.

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