I Think Things Are Getting Better

Over the last few years Instagram has risen to become the most revealing creative social medium which gives insight into the lives of people all over the globe. With technology now truly supporting the creative needs one can slowly observe something like a canon within photography disclosed within the unique preconditions of the now mature medium. A very interesting project out of this new emerging field is the series ‘I Think Things Are Getting Better’ by the New York City-based Amardeep Singh, which has been translated back into a more traditional form, a book, by Chris Black’s Done to Death Projects, also responsible for our friend Mikael Kennedy’s last publication ‘California’. The new outing by Done to Death Projects documents a year and a half of the life of Singh caught in 97 digital photos, taken with his phone and initially shared on his Instagram account, with the final photo dating back to only 5 October 2014. The photographer has a tremendous eye for detail both when it comes to shape and color, which in the publication is underlined on every page through the juxtapositioning of the images forming an incredible example of what soon very likely will be seen as an important new genre within photography.

The talented photographer and creative, Amardeep Singh, who has gained a significant level of notoriety for some years now through his online alter ego BRRYBNDS, is a very talented individual. After and while interning at online platform Four Pins he left his mark through different projects with photography as just one of his creative outlets. In 2012 he started the fashion brand Run/Hide, through which he created some staple pieces for the wardrobe from the motivation to create “things that should exist that do not yet exist.” Even before that, under the BRRYBNDS brand, Singh had been creating bead bracelets and necklaces to which he added some interesting pins this year. And even with Chris Black of Done to Death Projects Singh collaborated before ‘I Think Things Are Getting Better’ in the form of a set of pencils marked with the text ‘Too Cool To Do Drugs’, which after several sessions of sharpening becomes a whole different message.

We are very curious what lays ahead for multitalent Singh!

The book is released in a limited run of 50, each book signed by Singh. To buy see here

For more information on Amardeep Singh see here.