The Winter Loft

On the 20th of December, just before Christmas, Amsterdam-based The Playing Circle celebrated its second edition of their fascinating concept named The Loft. Where the first edition, last summer, was to be found on the the fifth floor of the Cristofori building located on the Prinsengracht, for their Winter edition they found a lovely location in the Vaudeville theater on the Singel in the heart of the Dutch capital. New within the whole concept is an online webstore where all of the products on display in the fully furnished apartment, which has the feel of somebody actually living there, are also for sale. It is The Playing Circle’s ambition to create a whole new home-retail experience in which one walks into an apartment which thoroughly will feel like someones home, but instead of just being able to marvel at it, now everything the eye meets is actually for sale. And we have to say; this second edition shows even more promise than last summer’s debut, so make sure to see it in the coming days before it closes on the 4th of January, or when not in the position see the beautiful curation of products online.

The new online extension of The Loft brings a whole new dimension to the concept, on which founding partner, interior stylist, Kassandra Schreuder states that she saw that people sometimes don’t want to make decisions on the spot, but while thinking about it afterwards at home missed the opportunity to still acquire something from their elegantly styled loft space. In a way the new concept makes the actual space somewhat of a highly appealing showroom for the webstore, but more importantly it makes the actual products also available for people who aren’t in the position to visit Amsterdam.

We love objects that remain close to their origins. Take oakwood for instance: as a living tree is at its very best of course, but good design can capture that beauty in its essence.

The Playing Circle is known for their aesthetically appealing workshop/meeting spaces in the centre of Amsterdam, out of which through a lot of praise and inquiries about the created interiors the concept for The Loft grew. The founders of The Playing Circle, Kassandra Schreuder and Floris Koch, both love design with a significant longevity, and despite intensive use not loses its charm. This means in most cases objects made out of natural materials like wood, leather, glass, wool and ceramics. Materials which evoke a certain curiosity; where it’s from, what particular wood or leather has been used and who actually made it. These are all elements one finds in the interiors of The Loft project, which show tactility in its most robust form.

Photography by Aico Lind.

The Loft will be open until the 4th of January, located in Vaudeville theater on Singel 512-3. Open from Tuesday until Saturday from 10:00 – 18:00.

For more information and the webstore see here.