The Snorks

Today NOWNESS shared this super inspiring preview of Loris Gréaud’s upcoming project: The Snorks, a concert for creatures. “The initial inspiration for the project lies in the idea that creatures would be living on our planet, their aesthetical and behavioural features matching an alien fantasy in every aspect, thereby awaking the desire of communicating with those “creatures”. What if they live within our oceans, major component of our eco-system, could we get in touch with them?… Here begins an artistic journey and production that will last 36 months. An unusual temporality that can be understood through the following paradox: we have the ability to go on the Moon, to date the presence of water on Mars, yet we barely know anything about what composes the tremendous majority of the Earth…
Two unique narrators recount that story between fiction and reality: David Lynch, who unveils a merciless scientific truth through a monotonous and insensitive voice, and Charlotte Rampling, whose sensitivity highlights the poetry and the sweet madness of it, while reflecting on what would be, what should be an alien quest in the depth of our oceans.
The result is an amazing short film, an ‘underwater hip hop symphony’ by Antipop Consortium in The French Artist’s New Film, and we can’t wait to see it!
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