The Ø L Å F cap

With the release of the imagery for the Ø L Å F cap one of the most promising names in Dutch fashion at this very moment, Olaf Hussein, presents the first sneak peek at the new upcoming Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection, which was shot on location in Los Angeles by photographer Violette Esmeralda. While at first the waterproof fabric creates a clean and technical aesthetic, the branded velcro strap shows another side to this headwear piece as a clear sign to become part of the street style in Amsterdam and beyond. With its nuanced bolder look, the Ø L Å F cap has set the tone for what’s to come, which seems to be another ambitious move forward for the Amsterdam-based label. As the cap is created from a waterproof rubber fabric, the Ø L Å F cap, at first sight, stands for the familiar clean aesthetic, but at the same time evokes curiosity how technical innovations continue to become part of the collection, which were first to be found within last year’s first full range by the label. As for the cap, as stated by our friend Olaf himself: wear it as you please, as long as it’s on your head. We highly anticipate the actual collection by the hard working Olaf and his team.

Raised in Amsterdam, Olaf Hussein launched in 2010 as a denim label, producing quality jeans that combine modern details with classic essentials. With the last year released third collection, the brand carried the same mindset behind its denim, presenting a full range line, which will be the standard for the years to come.

From the start, Olaf Hussein has had simplicity, quality and fit at its core. With its modern take on the classic 5-pocket style jeans, Olaf Hussein showed a vision for subtle luxury and understated items, something that struck a cord with retailers and press alike.

After the introduction of the label, prestigious stores around the world, such as our own Tenue de Nîmes, Lui’s and 14 oz. started carrying the brand. With the upcoming collection Olaf Hussein is very likely to continue its momentum. Based on a believe in quality and timeless designs, the brand doesn’t adhere to seasons but chooses to create a line that’s wearable throughout the year.

Photography by Violette Esmeralda.

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