At Large Magazine

The new independent magazine named At Large was conceived in early August of last year with the clear goal to be not just another lifestyle magazine. The ambitious premier issue is dedicated to the talented artists, writers, photographers, and designers who came to Editor-in-Chief Randall Mesdon and his team, as friends and collaborators, which resulted in photography-driven stories honestly portraying the subjects as they actually are. The debut issue of At Large has no less than four covers —including rising stars Jack O’Connell from Unbroken and Luke Grimes from American Sniper— both shot by Randall himself. Bruce Weber contributes a beautiful original portfolio to the first issue, to go along with photo-collages by Jack Pierson and limited-edition bandanas by Young. A third cover, our favorite, features pro surfer Ben Skinner, photographed here by Ben Weller with styling by Julie Ragolia, with an accompanying candid seaside story within. The fourth cover, with artist/model David Alexander Flinn is shot by Mark Abrahams, styled by Deborah Watson. The long-haired Travis Smith takes center stage in another fashion feature, photographed by Matthew Brookes and dressed by Bill Mullen in the season’s sharpest, cleanest sportswear pieces: completing a very elegant first introduction.

At Large is a first class seat on an irreverent ride through form and content, fact and fiction, investigation and conversation, aesthetics and adventure, becoming without being, anywhere, anytime—it’s a state of mind.

Tri-annually, At Large Publishing aims, as in its first presentation to the world, to continue to create inspirational opportunities and alliances with artists, writers, and filmmakers to curate content in print, film, and across multimedia. As envisioned by Mesdon himself, all of the contributors work away from a dedicated desk—at large, creating the biggest possible playing field to source beautiful stories from. Inspired by the words of Friedrich Nietzsche:

Invisible threads are the strongest ties.

We look forward to more inspirational stories by Mesdon and his collaborators in the years to come.

Keep track of the promising new project and to order the first issue of At Large see here.