TÊTE À TÊTE incendere

In recent years the field of elegant artisan fragrance products keeps growing stagnantly – whether its with perfume, cosmetics or our favorite; scented candles. Sydney-based TÊTE À TÊTE incendere is the latest addition to our list of young fragrance brands to watch. It was conceived in the winter of 2013, when creator Vicki Kim – a Parsons graduate who has worked with companies such as Cartier and Bulgari – decided to capture a cinematic moment from the classic The Graduate into a scented candle. This month, with the just released imagery the brand seems ready for the next level. Since the initial launch, TÊTE À TÊTE incendere has grown to contain four signature fragrances, each taking inspiration from a cinematic moment. The films Great Expectations, Raise the Red Lantern and The Blue Lagoon proved to be other great inspirations. Working from this beautiful concept and executed in the way the first candles were done, we look forward to more cinematic moments by Vicki Kim and her TÊTE À TÊTE incendere.

Even two years into the business, founder Vicki Kim still mixes every batch of fragrance by hand in her small studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney. TÊTE À TÊTE incendere is a true testament to her passion for creativity.

The concept behind the TÊTE À TÊTE incendere breakout candle was very clear: when Kim was young, she’d experienced a form of synaesthesia that allowed her to ‘smell’ movies, and she wanted to find a way to share this with others. Inspired, she decided to pursue a personal project of capturing the essences of characters, moods and atmospheres, and then composing them as perfume notes to complete the olfactory experience. After the introduction of the first candle, this continued to be the remarkable concept out of which the 3 following were created.

Two years after its launch, TÊTE À TÊTE incendere is ready to go ahead in full speed with its new visual language and revitalized designs to underline its story. Kim turned to her love of industrial design, and over a 12-month period has designed and developed an opulent yet considered metal holder to house the fragrances. The beautifully crafted vessel can be retained and enjoyed over and over, by slotting in fragrance wax refills.

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