Joe Cruz x Jack Davison

With globalization of the creative industry at an all time high and digital interaction just one mouse-click away, we seem to have entered the most fruitful period ever of unlimited cross-pollination within the global creative community. From a different perspective one could argue the exact opposite by pointing out the copycat culture which has become a significant element of the digital era’s zeitgeist. We try to look at it from the first angle and appreciate the worldwide exchange of ideas, inspirational collaborations and formerly unexpected joint ventures. If the new (copy enabling) preconditions make that one has to be more critical then ever to separate the wheat from the chaff, the collateral damage of the digitalization is nowhere near life-threatening for great work to be created and discovered. One of the most exciting collaborations we recently discovered comes from England, where two of our favorites: Joe Cruz and Jack Davison have found each other. Although they lived far from worlds apart before they got together, it was still the internet that opened the door for the newly created work. To learn more about the works we’ve asked Joe Cruz some questions on the collaboration and can only hope that this is only the start for more to come by the two talented artists.

Were you familiar with the work of Jack Davison before the collaboration?

I was and was not. I had seen his distinctive work online, on tumblr I think, but did not know who it was credited to. Then I already reappropriated one of Jack’s works before we actually met – the image of a labrador that looks like a rottweiler – which he saw when I posted it. That’s when he contacted me first. Luckily enough he liked the work.

How did the collaboration with Jack came about?

Like I said, after I used one of Jack’s images we decided to meet and discuss ideas. At this stage it has been a very open process, Jack has let me experiment with his older works to see whatever develops.

What was the most satisfying part of the making process? And why?

For me it is great working with Jack. The work is gritty but beautiful. His subject matter and the characters he depicts are very engaging. I have found working with his images very reactionary and I can not be over concise of what I am doing, as the photography is so striking. It needs simplistic, honest marks to draw out the strengths in both our work.

What are your plans for the Cruz x Davison series?

We were both have strong ties to Essex/Hertfordshire region and were interested in exploring a series based around the area.

Do you see more collaborations in the future, using more photography exclusively produced for you to work with or on?

Collaboration is very important to my practise as it allows me to explore new mediums and takes me out of my comfort zone. I think is very important, as it is so easy to follow a steady path, I want to be challenged whether this be with new photography, moving image or 3D.

Any other future plans?

I have my first solo show at the Book Club in Shoreditch, the private view is September 3rd, I hope Another Something can make it there..

Make sure to follow both extremely talented artists. We look forward to more magic by their joint forces (or individually, for that matter..) !

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