Between Cities by Yorit Kluitman

Two years ago Dutch designer and photographer Yorit Kluitman jumped on his bike with one major goal in mind: To cross all the 418 Dutch municipalities in 3 years. A journey called ‘Tussen Steden’ (Between Cities) crossing cities, villages, hamlets and enjoying the open space left between them. Kluitman’s motive is his fascination for this, from a bicycle riders perspective very well seen, organised structure of space and seemingly two-dimensional world surrounding the urban areas of Holland.

We are following this journey for quite some time now and are amazed by the breathtaking landscapes Kluitman is capturing. The typical Dutch landscapes, the flat terrain, the dikes, the few hills we have, and the dunes. All very aesthetic and clean captured. A view on a serene and quiet world, far away from all the noise and clutter, and basically the reason I am cycling as well.

Yorit Kluitman meticulously documented the routes to create a database that will serve as a basis for further study, research, editorial review and reflection. This will, in the end, result in a publication where photography, data, experiences and interpretation will be combined together with a collection of essays from multiple writers who share their ranging perspective on the theme Dutch landscape.
A little jealous of all the beautiful rides Kluitman makes, we can’t hardly wait for the publication… Until then, follow him on his tour thru the Netherlands here >