Superfront is a new swedish furniture company that designs fronts, side panels, tops, legs and handles for IKEA cabinets; the Bestå sideboards and cupboards, Faktum and Metod kitchen cabinets and Pax wardrobes. The company started online and as a pop-up-store in Stockholm Mood Gallery and has moved to a permanent showroom in central Stockholm on the 5th of October. For a fraction of the prices found on the High Street, Superfront offers customers  to combine quality furniture with etched patterns and details in robust classic materials such as brass, copper, marble, birch wood and leather.

We noticed a very clear pattern among our friends and acquaintances. Almost all of them had some sort of cabinet base from IKEA that they had pimped with specially made doors from a local carpenter. Many of them even added marble tops. It was a bit like seeing IKEA dressed in Prada.

Says Mick Born, one of Superfront’s 3 founders. “We simply decided to produce fronts, tops and side panels for all of IKEA’s Pax, Faktum and Bestå cabinet bases. In addition to our line of smooth coloured fronts, we have designed several etched patterns that we really like. We have also designed several handles, knobs and legs that fit all the cabinets as well.”

With Superfront’s wide assortment of fronts and accessories, the combinations are endless. By using robust classic materials such as marble, copper, brass and leather, one can put together a piece of furniture that is much more exclusive than the cost. Born continues: “We are very proud of our assortment of products. We feel confident enough to say that the look and feel of our cabinets are at least as lovely as those found on the High Street. But our customers only pay a third of the price, at the most. In some cases, even less.”

The three founders of Superfront all come from different backgrounds. Mick studied visual communication at Berghs School of Communication and furniture design at Malmstens. He has made a name for himself as a furniture designer most noted for the cabinet Mrs Bill, an  cabinet with turned out corners for Karl Andersson as well as the sprawly coat hangers, Hayman, for SMD Design. Sander studied carpentry at Malmstens and has been running a specialist carpentry company, Aarts-Lundsjö, for the past 7 years. Aarts-Lundsjö’s clientele include Swedish clothing brand Acne for which they create all shop furnishings around the world. Monica has been in advertising for 15 years. Her creative skills has made her one of Sweden’s most award winning advertising creatives. Monica is educated at Berghs School of Communication and has a huge interest in design and fashion, completing the team.

For more information and the webstore see here.