Papafoxtrot, known for their amazing wooden supertankers, launched a new line of wonderful wooden satellites that bring out our inner child, but at the same time awe us with their beautiful design. The Papafoxtrot company was founded in 2011 as a collaboration between product designers Martin Postler and Ian Ferguson of Postlerferguson and Herman Cheung from manufacturing consultants Adda Products after years of working together on client projects. Handcrafted wood and a colourful, minimal aesthetic are the essence of Papafoxtrot products with an engaging tactility and playful optimism.

In a world with computer games as a dominant element in children’s life, Papafoxtrot secures, in a graceful way, the tradition of analog playthings. Their products are manufactured in small exclusive series and they work with their customers on bespoke uniquely designed special editions and seasonal collections. The company landed, rightfully so, great critiques when they started out with their fleet of wooden ships after which they released a series of paper craft club stadiums and now they’ve found inspiration high up in Earth’s orbit.

You can order your own marvellous wooden satellites here!