Diana Scherer

At the in retrospect seen successful Unseen photo fair, we discovered another series of photographs we really like. Dutch photographer Diana Scherer documented an archive of wild flowers, which she grew herself, in her series Nurture Studies which were on display at the stand of the Seelevel Gallery. In the spring of 2010 Scherer decided to fill her balcony with garden soil and planted wild flowers in vases within it. When the flowers were full-grown after six months the photographer removed them from the soil and broke the vases away, exposing the roots that retain the shape as an evocation of the now absent vase.

The subsequent photo’s show the flowers on carefully selected pastel colored backgrounds which emphasize the flowers and their roots. The aesthetic seems reminiscent of botanical publications from the 1970s, in which indoor plants were often arranged on a pedestal and counterposed with fabrics that added a romantic touch to the whole.

The Nurture Series have been published by Van Zoetendaal Publishers.