Another Pre-Summer Playlist

After a somber and electronic influenced Another Spring mix tape it’s now time for something different. And with some new and crazy good tunes by James Blake, David August, The Knife, Grasscut amongst others, the first few months of 2013 already brought some iconic music. Starting easy, slow and classical, moving more towards electronic sounds and ending in what we think is the ultimate summer midnight ‘end-of-the-night’ tune by Cold Cave.

Here’s our Another Pre-Summer Mixtape on Spotify.

The track list:
Lights – Shadow Version, Grasscut
Hommage, David August feat. WAnja
Nercology, The Cinematic Orchestra
Without You, Lapalux & Kerry Leatham
Overgrown, James Blake
A Clone is a Clone, Acid Pauli
Phenomena, David August
NooOoo, DJ Koze
Without You MY Live Would Be Boring, The Knife
Meltdown, Ghostpoet
Richardson Road – Shadow Version, Grasscut
This Head I Hold, Electric Guest
Shallowing Smoke, Lapalux
Dandellon, Cold Cave