Shows You

Haw-lin's Jakob Klein and Nathan Cowen at HVW8 Gallery Berlin

On the 22nd of July, Berlin-based duo Jacob Klein and Nathan Cowen, the creative forces behind the ever-inspirational online mood board Haw-lin and the accompanying studio Haw-lin Services, presented their very first solo exhibition in Germany at the HVW8 Gallery in the German captical in a collaboration with adidas. For the exhibition, named ‘Shows You’, Klein and Cowen will showcase a selection of spacial and graphic imagery that reflect their eclectic and detail based process. The German and American creatives founded their online moodboard Haw-lin when they met in 2008 while both working at Eike Koenig’s inspirational Berlin-based design studio HORT and started working for clients some years after as Haw-lin Services, building on the reputation they had gained all over the world through their excellent curation of imagery and art projects/collaborations that were created under their Haw-lin eponym. Now for the first time, the exhibition ‘Shows You’ has created a physical overview of their working process across different mediums and the way Jacob Klein and Nathan Cowen communicate content, which resulted in a unique insight into the minds of these highly inspirational minds, who we hold in the highest esteem.

When in Berlin this Summer, make sure to drop by HVW8 before ‘Shows You’ closes on the 3th of September of this year.

We tend to focus on details within a much larger field and distort the perspective. Consistency is very important as well as contrast – something provides a break, or breath of fresh air. Hence, photos – spacial details and drawings – contrast, fresh breath.

The work of Haw-lin Services examines visual culture through the mediums of creative direction, photography and graphic design. They strive to create intelligent and engaging visual communication and to establish continuous and progressive work relationships. Their process is grounded in research, concept development, and iterative collaboration. Haw-lin serves as an online mood board and presentation of their inspiration, interests, art, photography, nature, sex, shoes, and Michael Jordan. Like Eike Koenig and his HORT, Haw-lin Services succeeds to work for high profile names like Nike, New Tendency, Kostas Murkudis, Sleek Magazine and DJ Richie Hawtin, without losing their signature aesthetic, also to be found in their free projects and design collaborations, which makes Haw-lin a creative force to be reckoned with in similar fashion as the studio and its founder that brought them together in the first place — power to the creative community and the extraordinary talent its breeds!

HVW8 Gallery Berlin is located on Linienstrasse 161 in Berlin. Opened Tuesday to Sunday from 13:00 until 18:00.

Photography by Phillip Koll.

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