Romain Laprade

The highly talented Paris-based Romain Laprade is among a select group of photographers, succeeding throughout his ever-expanding body of still imagery work to create highly exiting depictions that are nothing short of cinematic: working in a deep warm color palette full of atmosphere and class. From the moment we caught his work of numerous modernist and post modern buildings (most recently the extraordinary Villa Noailles in Hyères) on Instagram, we have truly enjoyed his exquisite perspective on the world around us and kept track of his portfolio with every new entry. The photographer predominantly finds the inspiration for his imagery by mindfully observing his environment, both in the city, in nature and the exchange between the two. Laprade finds the most aesthetic details in the ordinary or on the other hand captures remarkable architectural creations in the most aesthetic frames. In all of these captures there is an interaction: between the borders of the frame; shades of the colors; rays of light; shadow and textures. These elements, that make up his remarkable signature, prove to be a guarantee for engaging images, having catapulted Laprade to one of our favorite photographers working today from the moment we first caught it. Enjoy some of our favorite images below.

Romain speaking about his work to Noice.:

Above everything else, I enjoy to create photographs. It’s an addiction. I love to photograph places in particular cities. My eyes find details in which I can meet through long walks in cities. At first sight, insignificant details can emphasize rays of light, a shadow, a texture, a color… all of these things inspire me immensely. I also like how nature itself is sometimes mixed with urban structures.

The Paris-based photographer Romain Laprade travels through Europe (after having seen most of France with his camera) to capture the most elegant mid-century highlights built. From the most beautiful houses and gardens to his personal fascination: the halls and lobbies within these buildings. His specific love for foyers was inspired by the fact that these interspaces no longer have the importance they used to have in the 1960s and 1980s, which stimulates the photographer to elegantly draw the attention of the spectator to these spaces that most people pass regularly, but rarely are the destination. His overal aesthetic —clearly having its roots in catching architectural spaces like the mentioned foyers in the most elegant manner— also inspired both publications and brands to use the vision of Laprade for their own. Among these commissions are international renown names like John Galliano, Éditions MR, Tomasini and Monocle, amongst others.

All images © Romain Laprade

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