re-edit by SIDES CORE

We couldn’t but notice the latest by Osaka-based design firm SIDES CORE, which came to our attention a week ago. The extraordinary project named re-edit is an incredible, minimally designed functional space – a salon in this case – without it being just plainly unfurnished and therefore lacking soul. Spot on, SIDES CORE succeeded gracefully in designing just the bare essentials, to create a venue for people to come, relax, get a haircut, and leave with hearts and minds feeling refreshed. As often is the case in recent years with beautiful new projects in Japan, the design made use of the existing features of an older building, which were beautifully transformed into its new function. Overhall SIDES CORE created an open, toned down space transcending a feeling of freedom and lightness in the salon – making it the perfect environment for clients to totally disconnect and rejuvenate after a hour or two.

The existing façade of the old building was painted grey, as was the interior, to provide a sense of neutrality for clientele. Inside one finds the mirrors and shelves hanging from a ceiling grid rather than attaching to walls, with as a result that furnishings can be positioned to fit any purpose or situation – which is such an elegant feature. Furthermore, thin curtains cover the two enormous windows which were created on both sids of the building, creating limiting views to the interior, but more importantly diffusing natural light, giving it a toned down feeling, perfect for a salon. Red and yellow colors were sampled from pre-existing light fixtures and reappear again and again in the space as little pops of accent.

The design is most notable for its modular arrangement, where brightly colored hooks are arranged in a grid on the ceiling and allow the owner to freely “re-edit” the space, as the mirrors and shelves are secured with nothing more than ropes bound to the hooks.

Japanese design firm SIDES CORE is based in Osaka and consists of husband and wife duo Sohei and Sumiko Arao. Over the years they have been creating projects in product- and interior design and even architectural project. The duo works both domestically in Japan and internationally, seeking the essence of things from various vantage points in fields such as product design, interior design and architecture. Previous projects include the design and construction or hair salons, bridal restaurants, and private residences. At the 2010 Milan Salone Satellite Design Report Award’s SIDES CORE was awarded the Special Mention for their ‘FRAMES_01’ chair and ‘LINK’ cutlery.

Photography by Yoshiro Masuda.

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