GERTRUD & GEORGE by Ramon Haindl

Due to busy schedules on both ends, the collaboration between Our Current Obsessions and the very talented Ramon Haindl was realized only two days before the opening on Friday the 5th of September. On that grey Wednesday we got in the car at the end the of morning in Utrecht and drove to Ramon’s hometown Frankfurt, with the GERTRUD & GEORGE Overnighter which just had arrived a day earlier in the trunk, filling in the only shared gap in our agendas to get together. Ramon had been working early and long hours in Stuttgart the days before, and arrived back in Frankfurt only a few moments before we got there, which didn’t temper his or our enthusiasm to make it happen, no matter what was needed. The piece created by Ramon exemplifies his unpolished collage/mixed media approach in his free work, which we particularly love and special features his young dog Vila. The key inspiration for the piece lays in Ramon’s observation of a sharp parallel between the dog’s fur and the grain of the Buffalo leather used by GERTRUD & GEORGE, which he caught beautifully in this collage of analogue and digital photography plus handwritten text.

On that slightly hectic Wednesday our good friend, photographer Jeroen Berends, joined us for our trip to Frankfurt and filmed Ramon at work after which the artist also shared some insights on what inspired him in the creation of his personal interpretation of the GERTRUD & GEORGE Overnighter.

Ramon Haindl is a photographer and filmmaker, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. After graduating in graphic design he turned his passion for photography and filmmaking into his profession, working for a wide range of national and international clients like Red Bull Music Academy, DB Art Magazine, Bayerische Staatsforsten among others,  and on select collaborative projects with inspirational partners like Haw-lin and Deutsche & Japaner. Ramon and his girlfriend Evelyn Dragan also founded and edit the inspirational online photography and filmmaking magazine CULT.

We can’t be more happy with the work created by Ramon and feel very grateful to have been able to make this collaboration happen, with very special thanks going out to Jeroen!

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