Dogme N°—2

Last week, on the 25th of September, the beautiful and inspirational second issue of Libraryman’s Dogme Magazine was released, which again is of the highest standard. The magazine created by the very talented Tony Cederteg finds its key inspiration in the fact that a lens transmits and refracts light, but at the same time also often is used to focus light, which he translated to the magazine’s ambition to take a closer look through the creative lens of film, fashion, and photography. Always presenting lucid portraits of their favorite creative subjects. The first issue featured impressive names like Anders Danielsen Lie and Harmony Korine, for the second issue Cederteg and his team focus on for instance the amazing actor Denis Lavant, filmmakers Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Isabel Coixet and composer Mark Mothersbaugh. The list of contributors also shows many new names among which are the incredible photographer Lena C. Emery and returning name Ola Rindal.

Other beautiful features in the second Dogme installment are on Carisa Glucksman, Shota Sometani, Malin Buska, Kasper Tuxen and the Safdie brothers. Contributions next to the mentioned names come from Osamu Yokonami, Julia Faure, Jason Lee Rhyno, Wai Lin Tse, Fiona Duncan, Nontawat Numbenchapol, Chaisiri Jlawarangsan, Caris Gluckman, Todd Hido, Sammy Glucksman, Masahiro Sanbe, Kasper Tuxen, Jessica Hundley, Zack Kimmel and finally Leah Singer.

Libraryman is a company that focusses on Publishing, Art Direction, Design and Production. It was founded in September 2008 by Tony Cederteg, who beforehand had published mostly photography books under the moniker Cederteg, by prestigious artists like Peter Sutherland, Leo Fitzpatrick, Jerry Hsu among others. In 2012 Libraryman also produced a short film called Fikon, directed by multitalent Cederteg himself, which premiered at the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam.

We really like how Tony Cederteg follows his own route regardless and continues to create beautiful projects.

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