RAAFH, which refers to the word raven in Dutch, is an Amsterdam-based fashion label that started out as a family company founded by two brothers and a sister. Within two years the team has evolved into a small group of friends and family, working together towards the collections. Although it’s a group with different backgrounds when it comes to studies or work-experience, they all share a love for beauty that lasts in one way or the other. From music to good food and drinks, to that favorite sweater or a sharply cut suit. RAAFH believes when a piece is made with specific care, it complement the person wearing it.

A leading inspiration on which RAAFH was founded comes from Nadine Kooijman, one of the three founders: “I grew up watching my dad wearing his faded Red Duffel-coat that had been repaired over and over again, combined with a centre-piece double breasted jacket or his hand-made Italian shoes.”

Although the jacket had been worn out it never looked this way, my father dressed stylish with ease and the pieces were made with love. Combining the old and the new, the classics and the extravagant without ever looking like he made too much of an effort.

The name of the label, RAAFH, derives directly from a love for the raven bird. “The big black feathered bird with the strong beak. Featured in ancient stories as a messenger of thunderstorms as much as a loyal and straightforward creature. Capable of surviving and feeling at ease in every environment he stumbles upon, from remote corners of the world to the beating heart of the big city. Fitting in because he chooses to.”

We love the collection and aesthetic RAAFH has created, and look forward to the future.

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