Kristin Victoria Barron, a interior designer who founded the company KRIEST in 2005, recently launched a fascinating collection of classical, material-driven small scale sculptures and lighting inspired by the ‘aether element’, or dream world. Barron was influenced by both mythical archetypes and her own dreams to create the interesting collection. By honing her sculptural craft through mentor Vladimir Rodin, celebrated jeweler and painter whose work for Kieselstein-Cord is in the permanent collections of the Louvre and Metropolitan Museum of Art, Barron was able to create a unique collection of objects that act both functional and is aesthetically appealing. Barron crafted her debut collection in three categories: vessels, objects and lighting.

The vessels category of the Orchis collection is comprised of a variety of objects inspired by ancient Greek and Etruscan ceramics. The pieces are made from sustainably harvested wood and bronze, including candle sticks, sculptural egg-shaped vessels with hidden compartments, as well as pieces reminiscent of bull, ram, mythical and floral entities. The hidden compartments are intentionally made to fit a ring, stone, lock of hair or a beetle – something that represents an idea or emotion. The animal figurines on top are keepers/protectors for what goes inside.

The other part of the Orchis collection consists of cast bronze pieces based on dreams of Barron, that resemble serpents inspired in part by Orobourus images, ‘hathalops’ (a part-deer, part-horse, part-mythical creature), an ibis and a floral object similar to an orchid. The last part of the collection, the lighting, is made from sustainably harvested wood, hand-crafted to showcase the natural colors, striations and burls in rounded and oblong shapes, with unexpected semi-precious stone accents.
We love these beautiful creations by Barron!

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