A psychedelic-rock musician turned ultra-runner

We became big fans of Satisfy’s ‘subversive movement in athletic gear’ after last years interview with its founder Brice Partouche. His mix of cultures reached a new hight with the release of a new film called ‘Possessed’. Shot in one of our most favourite places in the world, Joshua Tree National Park, California, the film is directed by Pierre David and Gabriel Novis. It follows Joshua Garrett Grubb, a psychedelic-rock musician turned ultra-runner.

“I run because of the pain, I run because of the feeling, I run to experience the next level.”

For us this very much connects to our reason to ride a bike: being connected to nature in a more pure and profound way. As Joshua calls it “…[to experience] the hum of the mountain. There’s this pace that comes with like being on a mountain, being on a trail.” The meditative power of endurance sport, the endless roads and trails, pushing yourself beyond boundaries you didn’t know existing before. It reminds us to those early Rapha movies where you really wanted to hop on a bike and ride those roads.
Lets stay possessed!

A film by Pierre David & Douglas Guillot
Directed by Pierre David & Gabriel Novis
Director of Photography Daniel Lindqvist
Music by Lucas Lecacheur
Song “Singing Saw” performed by Kevin Morby