Last week a new subscription service named Pharmacie came under our attention. The idea is rather simple: when subscribed one receives one pair of outstanding socks, once a month. All socks are constructed in a Northern Italian factory, run by a father, his son and his grandson. A family business in its purest form, meaning that all socks leaving the factory are honest and beautiful products, made with care. Despite significant shifts in the way the production industry operates, the factory remains sternly traditional. The finest yarns, hand linked toes and twelve quality checks on every pair making sure that your feet are in good hands. The very first release was a wonderful start with socks made out of 90% Egyptian wool, with a touch of Nylon for additional strength. Socks built for the tail end of the European winter, and although in the Netherlands spring seems to be very early this year, a great start for Pharmacie.

Although there are easier ways to produce socks, founder Huw Devine has chosen to work with the Italian factory, as the company fits the bill of his concept totally. It is his ambition that over time, Pharmacie will be able to play a small role in making it much easier for people to connect with ‘good goods’ using Philippe Starck’s signature phrase.

Today, the ‘how’ matters as much as the ‘what’. The provenance matters as much as the product. That’s why we’ve built our collection in Northern Italy with a community of people who have spent their life learning to craft socks – doing common things uncommonly well.

We are pleased to share these first images of April’s socks that will be released tomorrow. We fully support Devine’s vision and ethics and look forward for more beautiful pairs of socks to come.

Photography by Amin Musa.

For more information and to subscribe see here.