Unmonday Model 4.3

The Unmonday Model 4.3 speaker represents an extremely complete solution to a very specific problem. The goal in the creation of the speaker was to fabricate something truly wireless and flexible, without compromising on sound quality and design sensibility. As a result the system streams audio from any Apple AirPlay compatible device across one to five speakers allowing for mono, stereo, multi-room or surround sound. Even if there is no WiFi available. But besides being very pragmatic, the Unmonday Model 4.3 is also hand-made by professional craftsmen; from the vitro porcelain enclosure to the custom-made amplifier, the speaker needed to be perfect in every sense. The speaker is even designed to stay on top over time. It can be updated simply by swapping out the hardware and downloading software updates, without renewing either the durable porcelain housing or the driver. The Unmonday Model 4.3 is therefore a remarkable speaker in every aspect.

Within the speakers, which are designed and assembled in Finland, there is a motion sensor located, making each of the six sides representing an audio channel. By rotating the device, choose Front/Rear Right and Front/Rear Left or Center, and go from Mono (one unit) to multi-room or full Surround sound (up to five units). Tilt your speaker upside down and it goes mute. Set up your preferred sound system and stream music or sound from you iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac through AirPlay making them super easy to use. And to complete it the vitro porcelain enclosure and canvas grills are handmade. Each speaker is therefore unique and slight variations in appearance may occur from unit to unit, making every speaker a piece of art.

In order to really be free and to have the possibility to bring the speaker everywhere, in style, a classic case was designed. Made of premium, beautifully aging leather, this stylish hexagonal leather case is designed and produced exclusively for Unmonday by Lumi. It was built to last, featuring a lock-in-place design for the speaker which can be closed with three buttons attached. Simply remove the face if you wish to listen to your device without actually removing it from the case. There is a handy compartment inside for your power cord and an opening in the back for turning the power on and off, and for easy 3,5mm jack plug-in. There is even a socket for connecting the Leather Case to a tripod. Next to the case, a leather pad was created which like the case is only available in April of this year. The Unmonday Leather Pad was created using the same premium, beautifully aging leather as the Unmonday Leather Case. It has the same classic aesthetic as the case and will make sure the speaker will stand out everywhere one goes. A very beautiful and complete set if you ask us.

This must truly be the best and most beautiful wireless speaker created till date!

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