Peter Granser at Unseen

This wednesday, during the opening of Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam, we’ve met the German photographer Peter Granser. Intrigued by a story of a little town Gruorn in the Swabian Albs – east of Germany, which was forcibly evacuated between 1937 and 1939 to make room for a military training ground, he made a series of black and white landscape images accompanied by these wonderful stills of old and left behind tank ammunition, projectiles and shells. The pieces are staged as sculptural objects and curated in an almost romantic way.

This strange paradox of deadly projectiles, documented in a highly aesthetic way like fashionable objects, almost like toys, is truly amazing. If you are in Amsterdam, make sure to visit Unseen and have a look at the work of Peter Granser.

For more information on Peter Granser see here and for the Unseen Photo Fair see here.