Ouur is the latest beautiful endeavor by Nathan Williams, brand director and editor in chief of Kinfolk Magazine, and his team. Pronounced just like the word our, the brand is centered around a visual motif of underlines. These underlines represent an effort to collect like-minded elements into a single place. This translates into collections for men and women which are clearly in line with the Kinfolk aesthetic, primarily using textiles such as linen, cotton and wool. Created with a sharp attention to detail, classic silhouettes and a neutral color palette, each item has been made with an emphasis on comfort and utility. The goal Williams has set for the line is that pieces in the collection will be interchangeable, functional and wearable in all seasons, which clearly shows in the newly released lookbook for the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection.

Nathan Williams has stated that in the creation of the collections the focus lays on classic silhouettes (think oxford-style shirts, simple dresses, no frills or accents) and a really simple, neutral color palette. By sticking to relative basics, Ouur aims to create a wardrobe that is easily interchangeable, comfortable and functional. Well-made products that make life simpler should be widely available in lifestyle stores. This means objects and apparel that are designed to last, made with quality materials, and have an understated but enduring style. On the main inspirations Williams says:

The Ouur line has been influenced by both the Scandinavian and Japanese cultures. Both of these regions have consistently focused on simplicity in design, and have placed high value on doing more with less. We spend a lot of time thinking about what we like to wear in Portland, Oregon [where we live], which leads us right back to our core values: functionality, timelessness and beauty.

And continuing on where to find the right garments to shape his vision:  “In Japan, we’ve found interesting indigo textiles, shirts, kitchen towels, blankets and ceramic dishes. Now we have a reason to collaborate with these makers and share more of their work. We love the clean, simple lines and pared-down designs exhibited in traditional Japanese craftsmanship. …We’re also interested in sourcing a variety of linens from manufacturers in both Lithuania and Western Europe, where many of the producers specialize in flax production and weaving methods. And finally we’re also keen on collaborating with denim jean makers here in the United States.”

We can’t wait for the collections to drop somewhere near us!

The Spring/Summer ’14 Collection is currently available in Japan. The Autumn/Winter ’14 line, as portrayed in the featured images, will launch in North America (and possibly elsewhere) later this year.