Paper Collection by Esme Winter

Esme Winter’s work can be typified by her extraordinary talent of creating beautifully patterned products in a fantastic scala of colors. Based in London since 2008, Winter works from her studio with partner Richard Sanderson. Both designer have heritage in high esteem, which resulted in a modern British company rooted in quality production and design. Each beautifully detailed accessory is a product of careful thought and inherited taste in antiquarian books and mid-century modernism. Working with the best makers and materials from the UK, they craft items that reflect the innate value of hand-binding, weaving, and finishing. Last year they unveiled their 2013 ‘Paper Collection’ consisting of notebooks and patterned paper. The collection is a beautiful one, simple yet refined, with most likely some of the more beautiful original patterns you’ll find today. Some have called it a mixture between Japanese papers and Bauhaus textile prints; the Paper Collection offers the perfect color saturated solution for your gifts and goods.

We love how individually, both Winter and her partner Sanderson have inherited a significant appreciation for antiquarian books and mid-century modernism, like ourselves, rooting the aesthetics of which can be seen and felt in the classic nature of the objects that they create. Richard, originally a designer and illustrator, and Esme, who studied textiles and worked in bespoke design and interiors, are motivated by the quality of simplicity; citing the likes of Enid Marx, Barbara Hepworth, The Curwen Press and Alvar Aalto as inspiration. Using colour, pattern, grain and weave with their very British roots and a strong ethos for longevity, each collection is designed to last and to complement a lifestyle rooted in all things well-made and well thought out.

Photography by Edward Emberson.

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