O Editorial x Velo Culture

After O Editorial released its first set of collaborations a year ago, when they celebrated their two years of existence, this summer the platform of our friend Álvaro Tavares Ramos presented a new project: a special edition bicycle in an exclusive collaboration with Portuguese bicycle builders and shop Velo Culture. In addition to being the dominant mode of daily transport in their hometown of Porto, O Editorial selected a bicycle as its next project, it being an elegant object of impeccable design, pairing shape and movement exemplary, with which we can only concur. As with everything, there are bicycles more appealing than others and for this special edition O Editorial collaborated with a like-minded company championing both craftsmanship and aesthetics. Founded by three friends: Miguel Barbot, Sérgio Moura and Hugo Cardoso, the Porto-based Velo Culture was a pioneer in Portugal when it comes to presenting the most elegant classic and urban bicycle brands, making them the perfect partner in creating this beautiful bicycle.

The style of the bike is defined by the compact frame, which is then fitted with pieces prepared for intensive urban use.

Elegant and sturdy, the special edition O Editorial x Velo Culture bicycle was produced and assembled with great attention to detail. All components have been carefully chosen, making the bicycle an excellent vehicle to circulate in the city, but also as was the clear intention; a aesthetically appealing object. Its specs consist of, next to being assembled and hand painted in Portugal; Sturmey Archer hub brakes, shifters and levers, a Sturmey Archer crack and MKS Touring pedals, Weinmann rims with stainless steel spokes, combined with Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tires and finally the impeccable Brooks Cambium saddle, which is made out of waterproof organic cotton and rubber.

Photography by Alice Bernardo.

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