Atelier Haussmann

Atelier Haussmann is a Berlin-based studio founded by brothers Rainer and Andreas Haussmann, who started their shared endeavor in 1990. Simultaneously with the foundation of the studio the brothers created the brand Mobile Metallic, and under the two flags they create both interior designs and exclusive interior products out of iron which are made to last a lifetime. The products of Atelier Haussmann evoke the sentiment of remembrance. The iron stool in a workshop, the steel tube bed, the bench in the locker room. Many pieces are based on designs from the past, reinterpreted for contemporary times. Through the combination of citation, the return to traditional production techniques and new ideas Atelier Haussmann developed its own aesthetic, keeping away from fast fashion phenomena, with a clear focus on products made with the highest quality possible, always remaining with a timeless presence.

More and more products appear on the market every day. Fashions and trends come and go. We don’t follow any fashions. We try to do as little as possible when we work on our product design. It’s up to the product itself – its desire to be a bed, a hook or a table.

The showpiece and our favorite piece by Atelier Haussmann is surely the bed named SEVENFEETUP, a completely handcrafted object, that has become a trademark for the designers. The bed comes in several colors, examplifying minimal design in a perfect manner with is exquisite lines and fragile looking, but rather sturdy tube construction reminding somewhere of an insect.

Another great piece of design is the HERRENBERGER, a classic workshop stool. Based on thirties industrial design the stool, more then anything else created by the brothers Haussmann, the stool evokes the feeling of recognition through its robust but functional appearance, standing firmly on four legs as any workshop stool should.

And the list goes on; Rainer and Andreas created a collection which shows a strong uniformity and the clear signature of the designers which we like very much: succeeding elegantly in their quest for timelessness.

For those living in the Netherlands, the tremendous Utrecht-based interior showroom and studio Workshop of Wonders is the address to visit when interested in the beautiful pieces of Atelier Haussmann. Find the Workshop of Wonders at the Domstraat 25 or see here for more information.

For more information see here.